1st Dad Birthday!

I’ve often been told that becoming a parent makes you feel your age even more than ever.

Well, after my first personal birthday since Sophie was born, I can safely say that I’ve not felt a day older than 28!

There’s something about celebrating your birthday with your children that makes it that extra bit more special. Seeing them in the morning, wide-eyed and curious, somehow seems even more cute than usual (especially if it’s not come at the expense of your sleep!).

Meanwhile, getting that first card signed “love Jess and Sophie” and getting my first ever birthday present tagged “Dear Daddy” was a lovely moment.

Mind you, it’s not taken her too long to work me out…as this photo clearly shows.


Look at the words used to describe me… she’s got me sussed!

This birthday was made very special. Clearly practising for Sophie’s 1st next year, Jess made sure every little detail was covered.

Exceptional homemade cake? Check.


Colourful and exciting Happy Birthday banner? Check. Balloons on the Birthday Boy’s chair? Check. There was even a celebratory ribbon on my wine glass! I dined like a prince.

It’s been an amazing birthday and I’m so grateful to everyone who made it so awesome. Sophie soaked up the atmosphere and smiled away. Roll on the big 3-0, (as my good friend Nick says), in a couple of years!


  1. Ahh! Happy birthday Joe! Sounds like you had a good’un with your lovely ladies! Hope you saved me a slice of cake! Looks YUM!

    • Joe

      June 27, 2014 at 6:37 pm

      Absolutely! It’s an epic Maltesers and M&Ms cake. Not sure I’ve got any for Dave though…:D

  2. I’m dreading my big 3-0 next year….some might say I’ve been dreading it for some years but no one ever listens to those people! #believe

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