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5 Summer Plans

It’s summer…the sun is shining…perfect time to set some goals!

Thanks to a friend of mine, I’ve decided to get involved with #GetGoodSummer – a project to accomplish five targets over the next ten weeks.

Alongside other bloggers and interesting people, the idea is to strive to achieve the aims in between the last Thursday of June and the first Thursday of September, keeping you lot in the loop in the process.

We try to egg each on, give some comments (usually in support), shamelessly copy each other and aim to inspire each other to complete our aims.

So, after thinking it through, here’s my five goals for #GetGoodSummer. Wish me luck!

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The Group Stages – over to you Sophie

When it comes to the World Cup, everyone’s a pundit aren’t they? I fell into this very trap a few weeks ago when previewing the magical events of Brazil 2014.

As the round of 16 kicks off today, Sophie casts her mind back over my tips for progression and is distinctly unimpressed!

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1st Dad Birthday!

I’ve often been told that becoming a parent makes you feel your age even more than ever.

Well, after my first personal birthday since Sophie was born, I can safely say that I’ve not felt a day older than 28!

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Scafell Pike – finally!

When I was a kid, climbing Scafell Pike was my biggest ambition. To conquer the tallest mountain in England would be like scaling the planet!

Last October, I finally got my first shot at it – starting at 1am in the Three Peaks Challenge.

Yet it ended in bitter disappointment. Our group got horribly lost in the dark, wandering round a boulder field for hours before throwing in the towel and giving up.

Saturday offered a chance at redemption.

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France unstoppable…England unwatchable

Rewind back to November 2013. England had safely qualified for the World Cup in Brazil and were sitting pretty as top of their group. France, on the other hand, were in the play-offs and were outplayed in the first leg by Ukraine, losing 2-0. They were on the brink.

However, following their 3-0 return leg victory, they booked their place on the plane and have looked ominously impressive in their opening two matches. Eight goals notched already and seeming certainties to reach the latter stages.

England though are out after just two games for the first time in their history and the recriminations are long and hard.

What happened?

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Lame Spain are strangled by the shame

Tiki-Taka – the kings of world football are dead!

So, as the obituaries are polished off for Spain, it’s worth reflecting on their ignominious fall from grace in this year’s World Cup.

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Sophie learns her lesson

Some people would argue that education is the most important thing in life.

Well, if that argument has any weight, then Sophie has certainly started early!
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A tight call

There comes a time in every Dad’s life when he has to become acquainted with the age-old practice of putting on tights.

No, not on himself, but on his baby daughter! And believe me, when you’ve not spent a lifetime familiarising yourself with it, it proves to be incredibly difficult.

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Credit the greatest Father this Father’s Day

I’ve never had much inclination towards Father’s Day.

Of course, I’ve never actually been a dad myself before but my own Dad was really unbothered by it as I was growing up and actively prevented us from buying him anything. He’s got a bit more sentimental now (aww) and I’m sure his first one as Grandad will be a lovely feeling, but for me I’m not really fussed.

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Baby’s First World Cup Preview – Groups G and H

So Sophie reaches the end of her preview of the World Cup. She has enjoyed getting excited about the action…and screamed through most of the first match last night (when she should have been asleep). No doubt Groups G and H will offer similar enthusiasm levels when they get going on Monday and Tuesday!

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