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20/20 – Sophie at 20 weeks…and Sophie at 20 weeks!

Yesterday, Sophie turned 20 weeks old. It was moderately exciting. She’s growing well, filling out and turning into a fun-loving, generally happy and smiley baby.

However, she has already reached this important 20 week old milestone and that time it was much more exciting!


IMG_1365 IMG_1786

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Wedding recollections

Jess and I have been fortunate enough to go to a number of different weddings since we got together over seven years ago and it’s been wonderful to watch so many of our friends get married. Last Thursday though marked four years since we exchanged rings and “solemn vows” – can’t quite work out where four years has gone! Joe & Jess Wedding, Liverpool. Continue reading

#GetGoodSummer Week 4

After a month of hard slog on these five goals (yeah right) I’m shocked to realise that almost half of my time has gone already! Better get a move on.

It’s been great to link up with all the other bloggers doing this challenge and now, after finally finishing up at school, I may be able to give a bit more time to them.

In saying that, leading a group of 11-14 year olds on a CYFA camp with church in a week’s time is going to be the new all-consuming project. Bring it on!

Anyway, here’s the update…

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Routine Routine Routine

Routine – something that happens in a certain order or with regularity.

Say in a zumba performance. Or a way of stacking and unstacking the dishwasher.



It refers to something commonplace. Everyday.

Or so it is according to various dictionary sources I’ve stumbled across anyway.

Put it in the context of a young baby though and it becomes the gospel of the new parents. It’s proponents evangelistically proclaim its benefits whilst simultaneously scorning those who are yet to follow it quite so religiously.

And those who continue to struggle to establish such a “routine” are left feeling both guilty and failures in equal measure.

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Oh, Sit Down!

Like any parent, my wife and I want the best for our child. The only difference is the pace we like to move at!

The first point of contention was that of “Tummy Time.” For those of you unconverted folks, this involves dumping your child on their tummy and watching them as they struggle to avoid face-planting the earth (setting it up inside the house is preferable).

The science behind it is apparently so that they can learn how to support themselves independently and is a precursor to crawling.

But at two weeks old…? Come on!

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#GetGoodSummer Week 3

Into Week 3, the challenge is well and truly under way and I’m beginning to enjoy it now.

Although trying to fit the goals in, at the end of term, whilst dealing with a hot-and-bothered four month old baby girl, has been the real challenge!

There has been a momentous event this week though.

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Football in Brazil

What an amazing World Cup!

It’s been a fascinating TV spectacle for the past month, showcasing the world’s finest footballing talent (and England) and gripping audiences running into the hundreds of millions.

We’ve also been treated to the marvellous atmosphere of Brazilian stadia. The self-styled “Kings of football” have entertained us, thrilled us and stunned us with their passion, liveliness and unrivalled enthusiasm – it was just a shame their team didn’t quite live up to it!

The Maracana catches your eye even from some distance away

The Maracana catches your eye even from some distance away

As the World Cup ends though, I am taken back to my time watching football in Brazil eight years ago, when a visit to the Maracana did not have quite the same international profile, but undoubtedly had the same raw intensity.

It was pretty hot in the stands

It was pretty hot in the stands

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World Cup Review

Even though, she can’t talk just yet, Sophie enjoys wordplay.

On the day of the World Cup Final, do try and enjoy (or at least endure) her alternative version of this year’s World Cup.

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Thanks for Sophie!

Tomorrow, we’re going to be feeling really blessed as we give thanks to God publicly for Sophie’s life. We believe he gave us the extraordinary gift of this child and want to acknowledge that.

Jess and I both come from the Anglican tradition of baptising/christening infants, so why is it that we’re not involving any water?

And what exactly is a thanksgiving anyway?

Hopefully these few thoughts will try and answer those questions – although I am a long way from being an expert!

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Ahh a fifth of the challenge has gone #GetGoodSummer

Having returned from the Isle of Man (tired and queasy!), I felt the crushing responsibility of my five goals for summer.

I say crushing, it’s more I want to uphold my end of the bargain with all these lovely bloggers who keep encouraging me! I need to deliver.

And so, amidst back to school madness, car MOT and service finance commitments and screaming late night trips to Tesco (actually that was just Jess), I’ve been trying to hit these goals!

This is my Week 2 update.

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