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#GetGoodSummer Week 9 – only one week left!

With the finishing line in sight, I think I might have got a bit complacent this week!

All summer I’ve been linked up with the lovely bloggers at Clarina’s Contemplations to spur each other on to achieve five goals of various ambitions.

And it’s been going rather well – I’ve just one goal to complete.

It’s going to be touch and go though!

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Where did my relaxing holiday go?

I remember when British holidays used to be relaxing.

Playing on the beach, eating fish and chips, exploring a new part of the country I’d never visited before. Even the sleeping arrangements in a slightly cramped caravan seemed exciting and adventurous.

When you’ve got a small child, everything’s different.

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Star player leaving Rovers? Seen it all before

Nothing quite rocks a football supporter like the persistent rumour of a star player moving on.

And as a long-suffering Blackburn Rovers fan, I’ve seen this so many times before.

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#GetGoodSummer hots up Week 8

This week was #LaylaWeek as I desperately tried to achieve my last goal.

Well, that was the plan anyway, but a child, lack of guitar, school planning and a terrifying IKEA trip (!) got in the way somewhat!

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Baby Monitor as a Walkie Talkie? Yes please!

I’m sure I’m not the only Dad who has done this.

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Stick with it

World Cup stickers…remember them?

They were rather popular about two months ago as people across the globe went Brazil 2014 crazy.

And then it ended. The Germans won (just not on penalties) and the World Cup finished. So did the collecting.

Or so my class, my baby daughter and my wife (probably) thought.

However today, I finally finished my album!


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Why help out on a “church camp”?

As a teacher, I spend an awful lot of time with children and young people. A scary amount some might say.

I’m also blessed with generous holidays (often taken up with planning and assessment, but at least they’re away from the kids!).

So why on earth would I voluntarily spend a week of my holiday hanging out with another bunch of young people (this year 11-14 year olds at Sibford School in Oxfordshire) and this time, rather than look after them for six and a half hours, be responsible for them round the clock?

Wrestling with water balloons

Wrestling with water balloons

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#GetGoodSummer Week 7

I was rather late with last week’s update and, having spent most of this week entertaining Sophie in an apartment in South Wales, I am unable to report much progress.

Philippians continues to tick along but beyond that, there’s nothing to report.

For the most updated version, check out #GetGoodSummer Week 6 – and hope that next week turns into a “Layla Week”!

How cool it would be to own one of these!

How cool it would be to own one of these!

A change is for the better

Travelling with a young child is not the easiest.

I had been assured that children get less portable the older they get. Indeed, I’d been told that if we were planning a crazy driving holiday to Europe then to do it this year “while they still sleep easily in the car.”

Once she hits a year old, that’s it. Car journeys will be dominated by repetitive, irritating nursery rhymes and hundreds of miles of screaming and endless “Whys?”

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#GetGoodSummer Week 6 (and four days!)

Massive apologies for the lateness of this update! I’ve been leading on a Christian Ventures camp with an awesome bunch of 11-14 year olds and some cracking fellow leaders. Was certainly interesting having a five month old there too!

In the midst of all that though, some excellent progress with the goals (including two more ticked off!) so I’m feeling very content with that!

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