Month: November 2014

The pictures that make me smile

Thanks to Lucia Maguire for nominating me to do this.

My wife and I are no strangers to taking photos and so many of them make me smile. It wasn’t easy to decide which ones best summed up everything…especially when I don’t really have one that celebrates Jesus  and everything that God has done for me.

Still, here’s the five I came up with!

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The weird and wonderful world of 1st birthday parties

This week I entered a brand new social environment…that of the toddler birthday party!

Previously, I’d been totally naive to children’s parties. Sure, I’d been required to go to the odd school disco in a supervisory capacity, but this was the first time I’d been an actual guest.

Feels like a seminal moment!

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Illness vs Dad part 2!

This isn’t a “woe is me” blog.

In fact, although I have been off work this week (and off blogging!) the very furthest point I’m trying to get across is a request for sympathy.

It’s less than a month that I was last off licking my wounds. To be honest, I’d never properly recovered!

But anyway, I noticed particularly this week that my illness and Sophie’s smallness brought together a new and unique set of challenges for me.

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Sleep time part 2

As my last post suggested, there are many ways in which parents seek to get their child to sleep.

Our current, fool-proof (ish) strategy?

Rely on a sheep!

I know…I can baaarely believe it myself!

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Sleep time part 1

Since becoming a Dad I’ve realised there are many strategies involved in trying to get a young child to sleep.
And not all of them involve having me stood at the front of the classroom teaching them!
I’ve seen them being used by other people as well. But, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, different strategies work for different children. Sadly, it’s a not a case of one size fits all.
And they change depending on the child’s age! How unfair!

A parent's dream

A parent’s dream

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To friends past, present and future

I checked my emails last week and it was really interesting.

Not the everyday run-of-the-mill organisational stuff which ticks over every week. Nor the frustratingly regular newsletter from all those companies who for some reason have my address on their database.

Rather it was the emails still left in my Inbox from when I first set up my account – I don’t delete any you see.

It was a real eye-opener.

Nothing like ten years passing to show an incredible turnover in friendships and maturity.

Much has changed since then!

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The Power of Pink


It’s a pretty divisive colour.

Some love it. Some hate it. I remember giving family members and good friends plenty of banter about choosing to wear it. Those who are male anyway.

But what really is the power of pink? And are we conditioning our baby girl to love it or loathe it?

Worth a blog post!

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