Month: December 2014

Christmas Post 2 – Family

This was the first Christmas when grandchildren entered the equation…on both sides!

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Christmas Post 1 – Presents

Christmas in our house this year came and went in a blur of wrapping paper and sellotape for Sophie.

We had to wake her up (!) at quarter to 8 because our excitement was greater than hers. To be fair, she didn’t quite understand the ins and outs of Christmas traditions just yet.

And we were so looking forward to giving her some presents!

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So Sophie is now an actress.

Well, not exactly, but she has performed in front of people and received a round of applause. I think she even bowed although that may have had more to do with sheer unsteadiness on her feet!

That’s because Grace Church‘s Carol Service took place on Sunday and the children created a lovely nativity play for us to enjoy. And Sophie somehow managed to get involved!

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Following Arsenal makes no sense!

As a hardened Blackburn Rovers fan, I’m not supposed to have any love of Arsenal.


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Gingerbread Mania

You know it’s Christmas when you’re manfully trying to attach gummy sweets to the top of a gingerbread house!

Such was the situation Jess and I got involved in this weekend as we attempted the ultimate IKEA flatpack challenge – edible furniture!

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Making A Splash!

I’m asking for a wetsuit for Christmas.

Not because I’m intending to take up surfing in the New Year. As I live an hour away from the nearest beach, I’m not sure it would be worth it anyway! However, as my baby girl approaches nine months, bath time is becoming a waterproof zone!

When she used to lie in the bath, she was quite chilled out. Water lapped round her face, we washed her hair and sang random songs about ducks. It was all very peaceful.

As she got more used to the bath, her legs crashed into the water, throwing up splashes and kicking up puddles across the bathroom floor.

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When Mummy’s ill

We’ve had Sophie long enough now to barely remember what time was like before we had a baby. I mean, what did we actually use to do in the early days evening, before family church, bath and bedtime routine became commonplace?

The new way of things has become so engrained that I hadn’t realised just how reliant I’d become on my wife for so many things.

While I’m marking, planning, stressing, she’s quietly and brilliantly getting on with running everything. She does it so well and regretfully I thank her far too rarely.

Until she falls ill. Then it all turns upside down.

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How do you teach a nine month old about Christmas?

Even though it’s sneaked up on me, I am secretly excited about Christmas this year.

Watching Sophie tangle herself up in wrapping paper, tinsel and empty boxes (who cares about the presents?!), promises to be an incredibly special experience.

So many people have told me about how their first Christmas with a baby was so enjoyable and I really can’t wait.

And yet, the most exciting and important part of Christmas is not our baby at all. It’s all about a baby from 2000 years ago and we really want Sophie, even at such a tender age, to learn about that.

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The Christmas season starts here…

I’ve been totally unprepared this year for Christmas.

Ask my wife, she’ll tell you of my complete shock and surprise that suddenly Advent has arrived and I’m not ready.

However, that has certainly changed, as taking a look at my week, Christmas has well and truly begun…

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