Month: January 2015

A Mother’s Perspective

So, an exciting parcel arrived this week in the form of a stuffed lion. “A bit random”  one may say but actually this lion is created using clothes of Sophie’s that she wore during her first few days of life.


It couldn’t have come at a better time, beginning and end, as today marks my last official day of Maternity Leave. (I do have a few weeks of holiday still before returning to the workplace, but for the purposes of this, let’s say it’s the end!)

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An apology to Sophie

Dear Sophie

I wanted to write to apologise for not doing more to stop you getting hurt last weekend. Please forgive me.

I wasn’t thinking clearly and I should never have left you unsupervised, even for that split second. Seeing you in pain and knowing that I could have done something to prevent it has caused me great distress and I wanted to say sorry.

I know that you will probably have many more accidents, bumps and scrapes along your journey through life and that I  will not always be there to protect you.

You are extremely precious and God has given us the terrifying responsibility but incredible privilege of looking after you.

I want you to know that I will always do everything within my power to keep you safe. What happened the other day was my fault and I never want it to happen again.

Please accept my apology and I hope you can forgive me.

Lots of love


Time to myself

It was really strange this week when Jess and Sophie went away for a couple of days.

Suddenly, the hours of 5 and 7 became my own again!

Normally when I get back from work I’m straight into baby mode, helping sort Sophie out, playing toys, family church, bath, wrestling match over bedtime clothes etc before collapsing in a heap in front of the hob to help cook dinner.

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The day I attacked a toy

If you’ve ever spent any time with me, you’ll know that I’m pretty hopeless at anything DIY, toolsy or hardware.

I really don’t know much about “fixing stuff” but as man of the household, I guess it’s my job.

And that’s why I nearly battered a children’s toy into oblivion last weekend…

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Film: The theory of everything

I’m aware that I’m on dangerous territory.

This isn’t something I’d normally do. Usually reviewing films is the domain of more experienced moviegoers.

And a blog post without even mentioning the word Sophie? (Darn it, I mentioned the name!). Surely not.

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Sophie’s on the move

Not only is Sophie now experiencing nightmares (perhaps. See last post), she is also starting to enjoy travel.

Of course, being related to me she doesn’t do things like most normal children.

For, if you put her on her hands and knees and expect her to crawl, you’ll soon have a very upset child on her hands.

Rather, and I’m delighted to admit this, she’s a bum-shuffler!

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Spying Skills coming in handy

Bedtime routine is a little bit up in the air in the moment.

Not because Sophie is refusing to attend family church, have her bath or have her final milk. Not at all!

Instead, her actions are prompting me to turn into a cross between James Bond, Austin Powers and Alan Turing…


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A lovely seasonal walk…

The Christmas period is wonderful for all sorts of things – time with friends and family, amazing food and celebrations, great opportunities for worshipping God etc.

One thing it’s not quite so renowned for is exploring the great outdoors.

But hey, we’re intrepid and so, armed with a borrowed back baby carrier, we took up our nine month old daughter and headed into the wilderness…

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Why don’t they do these places for adults?!

I have recently discovered a place that we should all know about.

Whilst researching what to do as a family, my wife and I were pointed in the direction of a “Soft Play” Centre a couple of miles away. And wow. These places are amazing!

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Happy New Year!

Let me start 2015 by wishing everybody a very Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading these musings over the last seven months. I’ve loved being able to share some of Sophie’s firsts with you.

I’m not a massive resolutions fan – seen enough failures over the years to pretty much write them off.

This post explores a few of my hopes and dreams for the coming year.
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