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The Gammy Knees – A History (Part 4)

In a momentous development in my life, I signed on as an official Gammy Knees player in September 2008. Things would never be the same again!

I joined the Gammy Knees on my return to Nottingham in 2008, when we wanted to set up a new Powerleague team. Original members (and team captain) Rick and Matt were still around and up for it. A heavy recruitment drive enabled us to snap up Chris Wagner, Danny Jones, Stephen Kendall and Danny Lunt, as well as finding a place for the erstwhile gaffer Joe Westhead – he of “Man Each” fame.

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They say a child should be seen and not heard.

When you’re a teacher, you can’t really live by that philosophy they’re just there!

And as for Sophie, well every day she’s changing the boundaries.

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Wicked – it’s Wicked!

On Thursday, my wife and I went to watch Wicked for the second time.

The second time on this tour!

Back in October 2013, we went to the Palace to watch the munchkins in action and loved it so much that we took it in once more on its final leg of the UK tour in Salford. It’s not how we usually operate, but for this, we made an exception!

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The Gammy Knees – A History (Part 3)

In Part 3 of the Gammy Knees story, star goalkeeper Will takes us through the account of the arduous 12 hour football competition, the crowning moment of the team’s university days.

After a season spent in Powerleague was marked by promotion and consolidation, the opportunity arrived to take part in the 2008 charity football marathon. Sporting a natty orange kit, the Gammy Knees took on all comers with relish.

The day started off full of hope and anticipation. But then one of our extras (he was supposed to be filling in our numbers!) got a blister in the first game and stopped playing! It didn’t exactly help our energy levels to be one short for the rest of the 12hr marathon!

We ate tubs of homemade pasta to keep us going but, despite our best efforts, we sadly found ourselves in the 7/8th play off. I even had a few spells outfield through the day which shows things weren’t that great! We then lost the 7/8 game on a penalty shoot out – what was the keeper doing?! But never fear, we still managed to take the trophy during the grand final match and had some official photographs to mark it.

Gammy Knees Original (1)

Mark was the only one who never sponsored us. He said he would sponsor us per player who ended up in A+E. Well I ended up in A+E after snapping a tendon in my finger whilst playing in goal. To this day he has not paid!

To summarise the Powerleague season? We had a good showing in the tournament at the beginning which placed us in a good league. I would have been outstanding in goal as always. Matt would have just put his head down and run into a corner with the ball, Rick would actually have played well and kept us in it, Knibbs popped up with a good few goals, Smalls was a typical Arsenal player of all flair and fewer goals than he should, Josh was solid and Fraz was a loose cannon. Oh and Mark didn’t play. We probably won more than we lost.

Daddy/Daughter Away Day continued

With a room to myself, I was able to plot my strategy for the next day. Honestly, it’s a military operation but if there’s anything experience has taught me when dealing with Sophie, it’s to be prepared!

I laid out all her clothes for the following day, with nappies, medication and water cup readily available, just in case. The monitor was propped up opposite the bed (silence so far!) and I settled down to sleep, nervously anticipating the night ahead.

With Sophie’s new pattern to be wide awake around 6am, I was prepared to dive up and rescue my friends from two hours of a noisy child by spiriting her away downstairs should the need arise.

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Daddy/Daughter Away Day

Sophie and I headed off alone into the wilderness on a residential this weekend.


Kind of.

If you replace “wilderness” with “Bewdley”. And “residential” with one night and one day stay. Oh, and “alone” with a whole host of Christian friends!

It was fantastic!

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The Gammy Knees – A History (Part 2)

In last week’s introduction, Rick explained the origins of the Gammy Knees. We left the story on a cliffhanger – the Gammies were through to the biggest match of their short history and they invited along a guest player to make his first appearance…

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Losing hurts – (I don’t mean at football!)

A tricky situation has been recurring recently.

Sophie will head off to nursery equipped with everything she needs for the day. She’ll be looking swish, accessorised to the max and ready for chilling with her crew. So to speak.

But when I pick her up, amidst the carnage of all the children being collected, there’s often one thing that’s missing. And I don’t realise until I get home.

I’ve certainly learned more sympathy with those poor parents whose children lose jumpers/PE kits/trainers/pencil cases/their marbles (!) on a regular basis at the end of the school day!

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A year of Daddy Joe Blogs…

On this day a year ago, I sat in the dining room of my friend Martin’s house and tried to decode HTML! With a bit of encouragement and a lot of expertise on his part, we set up and my blogging journey had begun.


135 posts later (over 1 every three days!), this online journal plays a key part in my life and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped get it up and running and for all those who have supported it!

Sophie’s come a long way since the first days of this blog. Back then, she was an utterly dependent, immobile, speechless beautiful little baby…

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