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Sophie Review: World Athletics Championships

My mum and dad are so silly – always trying to get me watching sport!

And after a week of being forced to watch hundreds of people running, chucking, jumping, and swivel walking (sometimes all at once!) I felt it was important to put together my own review of the champs.

So here goes.

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Summer Camps – The Mystery of Sibford Manor 2014

A year after Space Station Sibford folded, I was back at the Summer Camp.

And this time, I’d brought my wife and 4 month old daughter!

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Driving in the car

There was a time when my wife and I used to enjoy long car journeys.

The opportunity to put the world to rights, listen to music/talks, work out what on earth we were doing and plan for the future.

With a 17 month old Sophie on board, everything has changed…

Not our actual car!

Not our actual car!

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With just eight days to go

This summer I’ve been a musician, a youth worker, a stay at home Dad and a tourist. 

However, with just eight days left until the return to school for thousands of children across the UK, I’ve been required to don the latest of my vocational hats. 

An interior designer!
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Gammy Knees – A History Part 8. St Andrew’s Cup

This competition meant something.

Last time St Andrew’s had hosted a tournament, I’d organised it and then my team had ended up winning it. Now, having been away for three years, I was bringing back a slick, professional outfit (alright, it was just a few mates) to take on a host of familiar faces and a wide selection of people I didn’t recognise. My usher Nick was even doing the organising this time!

It was going to be interesting.
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Summer Camps – Beach Mission

Every year, across the beautiful coastline of the UK (and even on the continent), people in bright red t-shirts give up a week of their life to sleep on a church hall floor and tell people about Jesus.

They are on “Beach Mission” and it was my privilege to get involved with one in Mablethorpe back in 2011.

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Sophie’s up for the new season

Our resident pundit has dusted down her microphone and made her predictions for the new football season.

(Yes, I know it’s ten days late, but that’s her dad’s fault, don’t blame Sophie!)

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A special homecoming

Having been away for nine days from Sophie last week on camp, it’s fair to say I was looking forward to seeing her again!

And, extra specially, that was nothing compared to her reaction to my homecoming!

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Summer Camps – Space Station Sibford 2013

My first adventure into the beautiful grounds of Sibford School, Oxfordshire came two years ago, just a week after finding out my wife was pregnant with Sophie.

I felt pretty bad leaving her!

However, there was gospel work to do and so she dropped me off on the Saturday and so it began!

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Gammy Knees – A History Part 7

Before pressing on with the story, it’s important to recognise a dramatic game played out that summer for my stag do. Gammy Knees players split up to represent two different teams in the first epic duel of the day. Rick and I were on the same team and combined to play in Simon, my future brother-in-law, to open the scoring. He would freely admit he’s not sure how on earth that happened!

The game finished level though and resulted in a penalty shootout.

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