Month: September 2015

Sing and Sign

When Sophie was about three months old, my wife took her to baby signing classes. 

I’ve got to admit I was a little bit sceptical. How would our tiny baby, who couldn’t do anything for herself, start using the butterfly sign regularly (hands clasped together in a fluttering motion)? And how often would she need to point out that a Red Admiral was moving in for the kill?!

We did a round of classes and then pulled out. Sophie wasn’t ready for it, but my wife had had lots of fun!

Now though, not only does she combine signs with words in a motley collection of wonderful communication but tonight she even pointed at the TV and asked for her Sing and Sign DVD. 

She’s gonna be a talker!
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When you’re only the second most popular parent…

Sophie’s going through a period of transition at the moment. Apparently it’s completely normal.

She’s started realising when people leave her and gets dreadfully upset when they do.

I say people.

Mainly, Mummy.

Because when Mummy goes, the waterworks turn on and the screaming begins.

As for Daddy, (Muggins, here), well, she’s frankly not that bothered.

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Gammy Knees A History Part 9

It was a real pinnacle in the Gammies story.

Double trophy winners. Feeling unbeatable. And Kings of church football tournaments.

So when Christians In Sport organised a summer Saturday tournament we fancied our chances.

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Flopsy’s perspective: 18 months in the life of a cuddly toy

So, it’s been 18 and a half months since I was lovingly handed over to a brand new baby girl.

She had been born the previous evening and I had arrived along with her grandparents to say hello. I discovered she was called Sophie and when her parents unwrapped me, they both commented on how soft my fur was.

I was placed in Sophie’s little hospital newborn cot and ever since then I’ve been by her side.

Here’s my account of the amazing adventure it has been.



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Ludave – a wedding we can’t wait for! Part 2

Today’s the day. Lucy and Dave are getting hitched.

If yesterday’s post was the origins, this is the sequel. What crazy stuff have we been up to since 2011? Read on to find out!

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Ludave – A wedding we can’t wait for!

On Saturday, two of our best friends Dave and Lucy will tie the knot in a big celebration down in Cambridgeshire.

It’s virtually ten years to the day since I first met Lucy and it’s been a joy knowing her since. Dave strolled into our lives in 2009 when he moved up to Nottingham and what a top bloke he is. Having shared so many great experiences over the years, it’s a wedding I am really excited about taking part in.

So, in tribute to Lucy and Dave, this post looks back at some of our shared history!
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You got a friend in me

Sophie hit 18 months old last week and, apparently, she’s got herself an actual friend!

Not just a playmate by virtue of her mummy having friends with kids, but someone who she wants to play with for herself! Amazing!

It was very cute hearing how her and this girl “Isla” had been playing at nursery one day, particularly as Sophie had decided she could say Isla’s name and therefore was wandering round aimlessly repeating it.

Sounds more like someone who has loved and lost but she’s just enjoying the sound it makes!

And it got me thinking what friendships have looked like for Sophie in her first year and a half. She has done quite well for herself.

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Being a Godfather

When you think Godfather, you may think Mafia, Al Pacino and an iron fisted rule over a wider extended family.

You may just be in awe of some amazing cinematography, even if the violence is perhaps not quite your thing.

And I’m hoping that if you know me at all, you probably will be aware that perhaps that kind of Godfather is not really the way I conduct myself!

However, with the prospect of seeing both my goddaughters in the space of two days this weekend, I really can’t wait for the end of the week.

But what is a godfather? It’s certainly not a concept which is going out of fashion. Christenings are still all the rage even if they can sometimes be more about the party (and dare I say it like a mini wedding!) and godparents are still selected and asked to perform certain duties around the child being christened.

This post from last year articulates just a few of my thoughts about what it means and how my wife and I approach the privilege and joy it is.

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Back 2 School

When the Back to School range of clothing gets launched in the supermarkets at the end of July, it does always seem a bit ridiculous.

I mean, surely people’s children grow over the summer break anyway? All that sunshine – it’s bound to do wonders for their height!

However, when there’s a definite chill in the end after sundown, it can only mean one thing. Term is back on, the brand new uniform is being worn (even by the teachers) and normal service is resumed.


Back to School

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