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Gammy Knees A History – The Manchester Years (part 2)!

After last year’s final heartbreak, the Gammy Knees entered the 2014 Grace Church ON:Side Tournament determined to set the record straight.

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Televised travails

Rovers head to Leeds tonight looking to continue their excellent recent results against their Yorkshire rivals but off the back of a hugely frustrating defeat to Burnley at the weekend.

And with it being on Sky yet again,  I’m not exactly feeling confident.

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Autumn Days

“I think Autumn is my favourite season,” declared my wife this morning.

Really? What about Spring, where we get to see and feed newborn animals at the local farm, come out of hibernation into the green again park and go on long walks?

Or Winter as the snow falls, it’s cold and crisp outside and the Christmas lights and decorations are scattered round the city?

As for Summer, we get to go playing on the beach and splashing in the sea?

“Nope, Autumn.”

And on a morning such as today, it’s very hard to disagree.

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The Invasion of the Harvestmen

I was watching TV on Friday when I heard a complaint about incessant spider photos on Facebook.

These are the snaps that usually come accompanied with a health warning for those of a non eight-legged persuasion and feature monstrous creatures which have caused great consternation in people’s houses.

This post doesn’t quite fit that category but these terrifying beasts do certainly have a case to answer.

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Summer Camps – Sibford Jones and the Island that Time Forgot 2015

Now that Sibford is no longer in existence and Swanbourne 2016 has been confirmed, this post may well be a significant chronicle in reporting the final days of an epic CYFA venture.

Quite a responsibility…but I’ll give it a go!

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Boyfriends? At 19 months old??

My protective Dad reflex was spurred into action this week.

But it was entirely Sophie’s fault!

Ever since she was born, I’ve been aware that at some point I will need to guard my little girl against the dangers of dating and been psyching myself up to my most scariest in order to ward off potential suitors.

I’ve known that I will have to read the magazines on what to say to prospective boyfriends and how to frighten them away from going near our beautiful daughter.

I know all that.

Surely not this early though!

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Gammy Knees A History – The Manchester Years

With Nottingham Powerleague a thing of the past, the Gammy Knees legacy needed a way to live on, even in a different city.

Rick arrived to join my wife and I by living in Manchester so the two of us could vaguely keep it going. The weekly league wasn’t really an option but the team wasn’t simply going to fizzle out.

I was determined!

And besides, we still had that old chestnut of church football tournaments to enter…and this time I was organising!

What could possibly go wrong?!

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Gym Tots – Sophie’s Gymnastic Debut!

I never enjoyed Gymnastics much at school.

I used to dread it when the rain crashing down outside signalled the end of games and the descent into the gym to do such stringent things as climbing ropes, bench jumps and a random array of different rolls. We used to have to do things like time each other and compete against other groups.

I really didn’t like it. And hated the fact I couldn’t climb the ropes! It’s never adversely affected my life…but the frustration has lingered on!

So it was quite an about turn when I happily signed Sophie up for “gymnastics classes” at this amazing Gymnastics Centre not too far from us. It was the first class last week.

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Best baby song – Update

Back in March, this blog hosted a poll chronicling your thoughts on the best baby song.

Since then, Sophie has learned to talk, she’s developed a bit of a singing voice and she’s lent her own voice to this epic debate!

Here are her favourites.

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Review: Sugo Pasta Kitchen

Now, I don’t usually do this.

In fact, I usually leave restaurant reviews to professionals like Frusher on Food or the Leyland Leader.

However, my wife and I had such a wonderful time at Sugo Pasta Kitchen in Altrincham on Friday, it would be rude of me not to loudly sing its praises.

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