Month: January 2016

The fellowship is complete…

And so it begins.

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Frozen…a world of unpredictable obsession!

When my brother-in-law and sister-in-law kindly purchased a fancy dress costume for Sophie from Ana in the Frozen film, we thought that it was a really lovely Christmas present.

Coupled with the film itself, we were excited about introducing Sophie to the magic of Disney films in what was essentially a fun and harmless way.

Little did we know that it would almost instantly lead to a brand new world of childhood obsession which, if left untreated, could spiral out of control!

Don’t tell me to Let It Go!

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New signings new start? (Or same old for Paul Lambert)

Rovers have been busy in the transfer market today, securing a double deal of Premier League cast-offs.

The performances had got progressively worse – saying something! – and they are slipping dangerously close to the bottom three.

With that appalling run of no wins in six and only one goal scored (before the FA Cup on Monday) something had to give.

And besides, with Paul Lambert getting his first chance to change the outlook of the squad, the stakes are high to try and turn around Rovers’ form.

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Joy Ride

Since Christmas, there’s been quite a bit of change in our house.

The advent of toys with a 2 year old age bracket attached to them has revolutionised play and made it all the more fun, for us and (hopefully!) for Sophie.

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Baking (with a toddler!)

In our house, we are huge fans of Masterchef: The Professionals.

Not because we try to reproduce anything that they do on the show. It’s probably more that we like to know what fine dining food looks like (and we’re really really jealous of Gregg Wallace’s job!)

However, Sophie has now entered the cooking domain.

Michel Roux Jr, watch out!

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Friends forever

When our great friends informed us they were 11 weeks pregnant in July 2013, we were naturally delighted for them. All the more so because we could share our news that we were expecting too – and were just 4 and a half weeks behind!

Fast forward nine months and their little girl Emily was two weeks overdue and Sophie burst onto the scene two weeks early.

Meant they were only 4 days apart.

Practically twins!

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Review: Star Wars The Force Awakens

And so, as Star Wars breaks all the box office records, I felt it worth recording my thoughts on the latest addition to one of the world’s biggest ever franchises.

Credentials? Well, I’m not a incredible Star Wars geek (it’s fair to say I know more about the likes of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter!) but I have seen all the previous films at least three times and done a Star Wars marathon before so I have got some pedigree!

I do enjoy it too.

Without too many spoilers (!), here’s my review of Star Wars Episode 7.

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Little Kickers

I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time.

Our little girl taking to the football field, dribbling round a host of stranded opponents before burying the ball past a despairing goalkeeper and wheeling off to celebrate winning the World Cup Final.

And, if you rewrite the sentence as “taking to the school hall, dribbling through some cones and toepoking into an unguarded net” then you have some idea of the joys of Little Kickers!

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Flashback: New Year’s Eve 2010

Like many people I know my thoughts on New Year’s Eve mainly consist of it flattering to deceive. The danger of it becoming an expensive letdown is an all too familiar reality for most.

However, one of my favourite memories of seeing in the New Year occurred in a flat in Nottingham five years ago, as an Incredible evening of fun and festivities brought 2011 in in real style.

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