Month: March 2016

Memories of a former home part 2

So, my previous blog touched on some of our best memories of our previous house, which we left behind on Thursday.

In Part 2, I look at how we spent our time in the great outdoors of our house!

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Memories of a former home

On Thursday my wife and I dumped all our worldly possessions on the back of a removal van and headed off for pastures new, waving goodbye to the four walls we had previously called home.

This was nothing we hadn’t experienced before.

Since we got married almost six (SIX?!) years we’ve moved 5 times so we’re quite used to cutting our things and going.

This time was a bit different though.

Our house had gathered with it a phenomenal amount of lifelong memories – ones which quite naturally flashed before our eyes as we loaded up two days ago.

I’d like to share a few in a three-part blog.

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Speed Demon

Forget Lewis Hamilton and the start of the brand new F1 season.

The fastest thing on four wheels is our little girl and she shows no sign of slowing down.

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Pizza Express with a toddler, at 5pm? – really?

We decided that we’d take Sophie out for a  birthday dinner last week. We must be getting more sophisticated – Pizza Express is pretty high brow for a 2 year old!

I wouldn’t describe her as your classic food critic. You know the types I mean? They swan on to Masterchef and run their sceptical eyes and tastebuds over food which looks amazing but, apparently, doesn’t taste anything like as delicious.

However, if she doesn’t like something, she’ll make her views known pretty clearly (just not  very eloquently)!

So a lovely restaurant like Pizza Express, especially at the end of a week where she had been quite ill, was a risky decision…


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Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!

Sophie turns 2 today.


We made it this far, through the rollercoaster of parenting a tiny human being.

And it’s been fun – awesome actually.

She’s come such a long way, even from her first birthday where she suddenly seemed incredibly grown up.

That beautiful little one year old has matured and turned into a sophisticated, two year old toddler.

This is how she will discover our kitchen

This is how she will discover our kitchen on her birthday!

Here’s a few highlights from the past year.

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A rather different week with Sophie…

If you’ve met Sophie, or read about her at any point on my blog, you’ll know she’s a pretty active and friendly child.

She loves life and will charge around quite happily, interacting with everything  and being really personable.

It’s so cute watching her toddle off into nursery and babble along with all her little friends who she crowds with. The other day one of her buddies spotted me on the way into nursery and shouted; “Sophie!” at me. Her mum looked a bit confused until she realised how her daughter had any knowledge of me.

Funny what toddlers pick up!

However, this week has been a different story.

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#5liveaside – a toddler’s touchline view!

You may be aware that over the past three days, the piazza outside BBC Sport has seen 57 hours of non-stop five aside football in aid of Sport Relief.

Blackburn Rovers legends Alan Shearer and Robbie Savage (did they play for anyone else?!) laid down the gauntlet to each other to match a Premier League season and then promptly drafted in a host of ringers to help them get through the epic duel.

By the end of play, it had raised almost £400,000 for the Sport Relief cause and the funds were still coming in. What an achievement.

We took Sophie down to check it out on Thursday night, when the sun was beginning to set, and Savage had given up moving – already!

Here’s her take on events.

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Sophie vs The Gruffalo

One’s spiky, hairy and fearsomely aggressive.

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#WorldBookDayForAdults- what character would you be?

Over recent years, World Book Day has become a primary school institution.

From the Gruffalo to the BFG and back again, children (or perhaps their parents!) have shown themselves to be experts in the art of turning themselves into book characters.

Sure, you always have the ones that come in football kit – professional clubs have football annuals and programmes after all! – but the imagination many show is incredible.

(For once, you have no trouble spotting Where Wally is… all the teachers have come dressed as him to take the easy option – don’t knock it. I’ve been there!)

But this year, as I was doing my usual copious outfit planning, I started wondering what World Book Day might look like outside the primary school bubble.

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