Month: April 2016

A simple walk around the block

For most of us a walk around the block is a chance to stretch our legs, get some fresh air and clear our heads.

It takes ten, maybe fifteen, minutes and depending on the standard of your block it can be quite run of the mill.

For a two year old however, a walk round the block can be an hour long adventure, full of colour, wonder and excitement.

Throw in a favourite teddy and you’ve secured an afternoons entertainment.

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Sophie and the New Baby

Good news is infectious.

It’s something you want to share with other people, it makes you smile when you think of it and it brightens up your day.

With that in mind then, I am delighted to be sharing with you that my wife is pregnant again and Sophie is going to be a big sister.


Seems like the perfect book to help her understand!

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Big Animals, Small Animals…

Bright sunny Spring day?

Family time with my wife and Sophie?

The only option was a trip to the zoo.

So off we went…

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Dad Car Decals – a new thing for me!

I’ve never really done the back windscreen sticker thing.

You know the type, Baby on BoardBoy Racer, that sort of thing.

I, on the other hand, have never really been cool enough to pull these off.

The only time I’ve ever been satisfied to stick something on the back of my car was when I needed L plates!

However, the world of “car decals” is something I’ve just discovered and it’s actually quite intriguing!

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Why this derby defeat hurts the most

As a Blackburn Rovers fan, I’ve got used to losing derby matches.

This season, I’ve watched on as Burnley twice beat Rovers, both times after being outplayed.

I also saw the shambles at the Macron straight after Christmas when a much fresher Rovers team were destroyed by a hungrier and, on that evidence better, Bolton side.

Look how that one turned out.

And yet, with Rovers pressing the self-destruct button to lose 2-1 at home to neighbours Preston North End today, for me, it’s the most painful derby defeat of the season.


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Memories of a former house final part

It’s been a week now since we left our old house and we do absolutely love our new place (more on that in a future blog post!)

As we nudge over that milestone though, I wanted to wrap up the memories’ posts with a few thoughts on the most important thing that happened while we were leaving in our previous home.

Something that as you know is very close to my heart – the arrival of our little girl.

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