Month: October 2016

Sp-bec-tacular – Rebecca’s 1st four weeks on The Apprentice

Well she’s still there – good on you Becs for making it through the first third of The Apprentice 2016.

Wow it’s been tough viewing though!

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Man Utd v Man City – who cares?

Tonight, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola lock horns for the second time since they both arrived in Manchester to the waving of palm branches and songs of praise this summer.

Back in September, Guardiola’s City were on the crest of a wave and, despite Claudio Bravo’s desperate attempts to sabotage their performance, swamped the Red Devils in a 2-1 win which was far more convincing than the scoreline suggests.

However, since then, both teams have been on a downward trajectory.

City have gone five games without a win – the first time for Pep since 2009 – and United’s performances have been totally inconsistent. One minute, nullifying the significant threat of Philippe Coutinho et al at Anfield and the next being destroyed by that well-known attacker N’Golo Kante at Chelsea in a 4-0 thrashing.

So, with both “Messiahs” at a crossroads, the EFL Cup game tonight takes on new importance.

But is anyone actually bothered?

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Braxton “Hitch” – a wedding while in superficial labour

There was a point when I was blissfully ignorant of the phrase “Braxton Hicks.”

I remember a time when these words would go straight over my head and I would get on with my day, totally oblivious to their effect.

Not so much anymore.

With my wife 39 and a half weeks pregnant, Braxton Hicks are the norm.

Whoever old Braxton is, he’s probably one of the most referenced “celebrities” around.

And, he very nearly scuppered the best laid plans of a wedding too!

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Surprise! You’re turning 30

As many of you will know, my wife is currently rather pregnant.

So expecting is she that at this stage when Sophie was on her way, she’d already arrived. Technically, even though baby’s due date isn’t for another 12 days, we’re thinking it’s late.

It hasn’t really timed its arrival particularly well either – D-day is the day after my wife turns 30. Happy Birthday!

With that in mind then, I’d been operating under the cloak of not having to organise anything for her birthday as she was planning on being pretty tied up.

Little did she know…

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Rebecca Jeffery for The Apprentice 2016

This blog owes a great debt to Apprentice candidate Rebecca Jeffery.

Indeed, if it wasn’t for her foresight two and a half years ago in helping me get going, it may well have not happened at all!

It is with huge anticipation that I look ahead to watching her flash her business skills to a watching world on this series of The Apprentice.

And I hope you all enjoy her performance too.

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