Month: January 2018

Surviving the slopes with Sophie

It had been something I’d wanted to do for years – take a skiing holiday in term time.

I’d had glorious ideas of shooting down the pistes while my class sat in a cold British classroom, plodding on mindlessly with Maths and Literacy.

Naturally I’d get an early ski lift up the mountain, spend the whole day up there and then zoom down as the sun set to enjoy asprès-ski and rest up for the next day’s activity.

Throw two small children into the mix and it looks slightly different…but what a fabulous week we had.

Sophie had been in training for this since last May – a succession of hit and miss skiing lessons had come and gone while I tried to put my idea of her as a fearless nimble toddler skier into practice.

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A note from the ward

We’ve been pretty blessed with the health of our children to be honest.

Sophie had her first week in hospital, takes her daily meds and has had one night stopover in hospital in four years.

Harry has kept himself nice and well.

Until this weekend that is – poor little dude.

We all thought it was a bit odd – the right hand side of his face sticking out that much further than his left.

But he’d been snotty – standard – and his tonsils were quite red so we put it down to that.

It was only when the swelling showed no sign of stopping that we became a bit more concerned.

Initial fears were that it might be mumps – an adverse reaction to the injection he’d had only a couple of weeks back.

That suggestion got thrown out though as the problem was deeper into his neck. Cue paeds a+e at the big city hospital, a bunch of confused doctors scratching their heads and a couple of parents feeling guilty we hadn’t brought him in sooner (not that we should have).

Since being admitted though, the only thing holding Harry back has been the lack of sleep.

Somehow whenever we got him to sleep he’d be needed for another antibiotic round or to have his obs doing.

Or we’d keep him awake in readiness for a ward round that kept getting delayed. Typical.

In the end we crashed him out this morning only to have his important ultrasound scan signalled about five minutes later.

I carried the little monkey horizontally down three floors, the full length of the hospital (or so it seemed) in the wrong direction before finally reaching radiology. He was always going to wake up when the soft cold jelly touched his neck and so it proved.

Still as the day’s gone on, the swelling has receded, his cheeky grin has grown wider and (hopefully) the likelihood of him getting home tomorrow has hopefully increased.

My wife has been brilliant and so has her work, giving her the start of 2018 to look after him, endure the sleeplessness along with him and hang out in hospitals – something she said goodbye to professionally a long time ago.

And we have been inundated with so many offers of help from so many people. It’s when you realise how big your support network is and we’re so grateful for everybody.

Oh and then there’s Sophie. She’s had a whale of a time at her grandparents (massive thanks to them) and heads back to school tomorrow.

Not the start to 2018 we’d envisaged but life goes on. Keep smiling Harry and get well soon. 

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