Yesterday, Sophie turned 20 weeks old. It was moderately exciting. She’s growing well, filling out and turning into a fun-loving, generally happy and smiley baby.

However, she has already reached this important 20 week old milestone and that time it was much more exciting!


IMG_1365 IMG_1786

Eight weeks previously, we’d been to the 12 week scan, armed with the knowledge that Jess was pregnant and with only the physical symptoms of nausea and lethargy to show for it. The scan itself was a marvellous thing – could that peanut looking twisted thing really be our unborn child? Wow!

But the 20 week scan was different. This time, we could see what really looked like a child. All the bits were there. Head, pounding heart, tiny little kidneys, perfectly formed little spine. It was a breathtaking vision of unborn life, peacefully growing inside its mother. We even got the privilege of seeing it squirm around, warming itself up for when it could pound on its mummy’s tummy as it got bigger.

We were really struck by the words of Psalm 139 – you knit me together in my mother’s womb. It is awe-inspiring to see a tiny human life, growing safely and securely but totally invisible to the world outside (except for a steadily expanding bump that is!).

Jess and I just remember being so moved and excited by what we could see. Our child! Incredible.

Now of course, that unborn child is well and truly Sophie, an answer to our prayers. And she is just as miraculous and marvellous in the outside world. She rolls, smiles and giggles, just like you’d expect children of 20 weeks to do. She can bring such joy and pleasure with such a simple smile. I wish my smile had the same power!

But there’s nothing quite like that first 20 week milestone. It confirms your wildest hopes, sets on fire your most incredible dreams and thrills to your soul.

To anyone expecting or hoping for the future – the 20 week scan is so precious. Enjoy and revel in it!