You may be aware that over the past three days, the piazza outside BBC Sport has seen 57 hours of non-stop five aside football in aid of Sport Relief.

Blackburn Rovers legends Alan Shearer and Robbie Savage (did they play for anyone else?!) laid down the gauntlet to each other to match a Premier League season and then promptly drafted in a host of ringers to help them get through the epic duel.

By the end of play, it had raised almost £400,000 for the Sport Relief cause and the funds were still coming in. What an achievement.

We took Sophie down to check it out on Thursday night, when the sun was beginning to set, and Savage had given up moving – already!

Here’s her take on events.

“Red Team!”

It was clear from early on that Sophie’s limited knowledge of colours was probably going to restrict her to supporting Savage’s side regardless of players. She arrived just as Shearer’s goalkeeper Fatman Scoop was receiving his marching orders from guest referee Adnan Januzaj.

Maybe she went for Savage’s team in the interests of fair play?? She clearly is unaware of how he  conducted himself on a professional football field!

“Go, Reds!”

While she didn’t have the patience to sit and watch for the whole 57 hours – I believe some people did?! – she was jumping up and down in the stands, cheering for her favourite side. When we took her down for a closer view, she spent most of the time pointing, fascinated, and egging her chosen team on.

“Uh oh”

The players we watched were certainly not pulling any punches with their tackles and, as players went to ground under the force of some rough and ready tackles, Sophie was quickly there with her expert commentary. It certainly raised a smile from some of the other spectators.

Sophie and her Mummy watch on, enjoying the action (and commentating!)

Sophie and her Mummy watch on, enjoying the action (and commentating!)

“Daddy football Rick”

Sophie has a good appreciation of my priorities in one sense. Whenever she sees a bunch of people kicking a ball around, she automatically thinks of me and then jumps to my football partner-in-crime who I head out with on a Tuesday night to play football with.

Not daft!

“Football yesterday!”

It seems that all she has said since we got back on Thursday night has been this little phrase, showing how much she enjoyed the event.

She also managed to get herself on TV at one point. Possibly the fact she was a little girl clutching onto her Mummy but seemingly enjoying the event, getting her a prime spot as the cameraman scanned the crowd. That’s my girl.

Today we went to Little Kickers so she could put what she had seen into action.

Next step, a trip to watch Blackburn Rovers. Now that would be an epic memory for her.