A good ol’ Pub Quiz – a real institution

Our church group organised a pub quiz last night and it was a great evening.

Red Lion Pub

Red Lion Pub

Lots of people turned up, there was a good balance of tricky and easy questions and, although my team came a measly fifth, everyone seemed to have a really good time.

But what is it about Pub Quizzes that attracts people?

A few thoughts…

It’s always enjoyable to score points!
We’ve all watched game shows and had that feeling of “I could do better than that”. A local pub quiz offers the chance to show off our skills, take on our friends and neighbours and earn points, which as you know invariably mean prizes. And wow, did we have some great prizes last night! Excellent work Tim and Nicki!

Beer tastes better down the pub. And a quiz isn’t complete without a decent draught pint in your hand. Having bottles at home is OK but it doesn’t really compare to the real pub stuff.


Random niche knowledge
You never know where a quiz will be won and lost. That random nugget of trivia about the length of Simon Cowell’s chest hair, picked up on an accidental watching of The Xtra Factor may just win it for your team. Only in a pub quiz can the history intellectual, the sporting jock and the Disney fanatic thrive together. As proved last night!


Picture Round

We used to do the pub quiz at The Ropewalk in Nottingham and the picture round was always themed the same way – man, woman, warped, close-up etc. Fiona Bruce always made it into our answer sheet…is she really that recognisable? Without a subscription to Mail Online, I’m totally out of my depth in this round.

This IS a picture of Fiona Bruce

This IS a picture of Fiona Bruce

Heckling the quiz master
It’s a thankless task being a questioner. Maybe if you’re Jeremy Paxman you can handle yourself but for the rest of us, we’re up there to be shot at. If there’s even an inkling of an incorrect answer, the questioner’s head is on the block. One guy we had used to give points out to teams of girls he fancied just because he could. That didn’t go down well!

That all being said, there are a few things I’d get rid of…

– The Wipeout Round is the most frustrating round in the history of quizzes.

– The team who check Google should be dismissed and never invited back (not very gracious I know!)

– Having to think of a team name. Ours are never fun or interesting!

As for last night, well we could also speak about Jesus there too which was amazing. Praise God for Matt and Mike who told their stories about becoming Christians with honesty and integrity. Our prayer is that God’s word will do its work.

Will there be another? Watch this space!


  1. Certainly hope there will be another one, Joe, I’ve got a title to defend now…

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