Over the past four months, I’ve done the journey a few times.

Up the Lancashire stretch of the M6, through the Ribble Valley and beyond the North West Riviera towards the rolling landscapes of Cumbria.

On a good day it’s a breathtaking sight of glorious scenery – perfect hill shapes tumbling into one another scaled against a crystal blue sky.

Even on the throes of winter the very hint of a snowcap brings a thrill to the soul. The peerless majesty of Britain’s finest green space (in my opinion!) leaves you breathless.

It’s often been noted that the Lake District is one of the few places that retains and even enhances it’s beauty   the pouring rain.

That may well be true…but when it’s careering down at all angles and lashing across your defenceless cars windscreen over the top of Shap, it becomes less easy to appreciate.

I have considered living here in the past. The promise of the mountains and timeless allure of the areas villages holding out a real temptation.

The raw bleakness and untapped wild character which it will hopefully never lose is what motivates so many outdoors types to base here.

However it’s microclimate may well prove that ambition of mine to be fruitless. Would love to hear from Lake District locals how it is!

Today we’re at a wedding north of Keswick and it’s crashing down outside.  The beauty of the Lakes remains undiminished.

And congratulations to Emma and Mark. What a joy to be part of your special day!