If you’ve met Sophie, or read about her at any point on my blog, you’ll know she’s a pretty active and friendly child.

She loves life and will charge around quite happily, interacting with everything  and being really personable.

It’s so cute watching her toddle off into nursery and babble along with all her little friends who she crowds with. The other day one of her buddies spotted me on the way into nursery and shouted; “Sophie!” at me. Her mum looked a bit confused until she realised how her daughter had any knowledge of me.

Funny what toddlers pick up!

However, this week has been a different story.

Our little girl hasn’t been a happy, smiley, friendly character.

She’s had a virus…and normality has gone  out of the window!

First of all, she’s been allowed her little teddy comforter out of bed! It’s broken all our rules but, with her feeling so rubbish, she has been granted amnesty and able to carry it round.

Secondly, I’ve barely heard her speak all week! Literally, she’s gone from talking all the time, to virtually mute! It’s so sad.

Thirdly, we’ve bought shares in Calpol because she is dosed up to the max. Forget Maria Sharapova and meldonium – Calpol is the performance enhancing drug of our household!


Fourth, her diet now consists of anything that we can get into her! Some good stuff such as pureed fruit has been gobbled up – although calling it a yoghurt and serving it three meals a day may be pushing it! Yesterday though, I found myself giving her a couple of tortilla crisps that I was eating, just to try and get some carbohydrate into her. She had a bit of rice with one and I felt that was a result!

Fifth, I had to take an afternoon off work to look after her because she was sent home from nursery. How inconvenient! Well, I guess it gives me insight into how other parents have to cope when I send their children home from school with a temperature or injury. The poor thing just wanted to sit on me and watch Finding Nemo!

Great film!

Great film!

Sixth, sleeping has been quite disturbed and pitted with a host of coughs and splutters and emergency medicine trips in the small hours of the night. Putting a feverish child to bed in a lack of layers is absolutely essential at half 6 in the evening because anything more would boil them. But, come half 2, she’s cold and wants more on. You can’t win!

Seventh and finally, she’s been even more clingy to Mummy than usual. I mentioned back in the Autumn how Mummy was the parent of choice – no change there then! – and she’s taken that to a new level this week. If Mummy is out, Sophie has been more than happy to be looked after by others (wonderful grandparents for a start!) but if Mummy is in, then Sophie won’t have anyone else. Quite difficult really.

Happily though, she’s on the mend. And she needs to be.

She turns 2 on Friday. I can’t believe it…