A simple walk around the block

For most of us a walk around the block is a chance to stretch our legs, get some fresh air and clear our heads.

It takes ten, maybe fifteen, minutes and depending on the standard of your block it can be quite run of the mill.

For a two year old however, a walk round the block can be an hour long adventure, full of colour, wonder and excitement.

Throw in a favourite teddy and you’ve secured an afternoons entertainment.

On one such walk, Sophie brought Flopsy, a cuddly rabbit toy who’s featured on this blog before.

She packed her into her baby buggy –

– this isn’t unusual by the way. Regularly she will announce that her and *insert random toy here* are “going to the park” or “going to the shops”.

– and we set off on our short walk for fresh air.

Flopsy (2)

Well it quickly became apparent that Sophie didn’t share mine and my wife’s gift for speed. Instead, she was taking it all in – explaining to Flopsy about the plants and the trees. Pointing out the stones and the puddles. Encouraging her to splash.

There was one point where she was rearranging Flopsy’s seat so she could get some sleep before almost immediately shifting it back to normal position.

The poor bunny hadn’t even had chance to shut her eyes!


She sang songs to her, jabbered away in Sophie language and generally moved at 0.5mph.

We constantly had to encourage her to keep going, walk along the path, follow us.

Two slightly older children were fascinated by her antics and kept watching her as she toddled along.

Now stepping forward. Now stopping to check Flopsy was OK. Now rearranging.

It was so lovely to watch her interacting with her teddy in a sisterly sort of way.

Getting some practice in? Maybe!

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  1. She must be getting practice in for the new baby .Once again brilliant writing I always enjoy reading your stories.xx👭 Love to you all

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