So that was an experience…!

Arriving into Luton airport  tonight at half 7, bedraggled, exhausted but very content felt amazing after the most incredible  (and surreal!) few days.

It all began with waking up on the Isle of Man on Friday, I took in two more countries before joining in with the fun and games  (and there were certainly games!) at the wedding of two very special people.

Highlights of the weekend included:
Some on the spot intensive Latvian language training

Watching Belgium crash out of the euros in a Belgian bar in Riga

Checking out the sunrise

Mike’s incredible hat

A seriously sweet breakfast

Swimming in a vast lake, miles from civilisation

Getting excited by signs showing the distance to other exotic places like Tallinn and Moscow

Meeting Latvian celebrities

Harnessing new found croquet skills

Committing Mike to fortnightly leg waxes  (it’s tradition)

Realising anew that Ilze’s language skills are sensational – as are her axe wielding abilities

Watching Latvian dancers strut their stuff then trying it out with Lucy, Sarah, Dave and Martin

Wondering who Rick was going to make friends with next – that guy knows how to work a room

But, most of all being reunited with Jess in Riga after a week away was wonderful.

Thank you to Mike and Ilze for an unforgettable Latvian experience!

Now I get to see Sophie again. Amazing!