Ahh a fifth of the challenge has gone #GetGoodSummer

Having returned from the Isle of Man (tired and queasy!), I felt the crushing responsibility of my five goals for summer.

I say crushing, it’s more I want to uphold my end of the bargain with all these lovely bloggers who keep encouraging me! I need to deliver.

And so, amidst back to school madness, car MOT and service finance commitments and screaming late night trips to Tesco (actually that was just Jess), I’ve been trying to hit these goals!

This is my Week 2 update.

1. Learn Philippians

I’m genuinely loving this one. It’s so refreshing to commit it to memory and really feel the truth of “implanting the Word.” I’ve learned Chapter 1 now, so my goal of having it all done by the end of Week 8 is still on track. My overall leader at Sibford (a lovely guy whose also called Joe) will be on my case about what it means and how to teach it to 11-14 year olds.

I’ll get back to you on that one.

2. Cook a Singaporean dish from scratch

I had a Thai curry…?!

3. Skipping

So grateful to my wife for buying me a skipping rope off Amazon. Now I have no excuse. I gave it a go tonight and it was like Bambi trying to do its shoelaces. My legs and arms are rather malco-ordinated at the moment.

I managed four consecutive skips!

I managed four consecutive skips!

Jess has set me a challenge of twenty consecutive skips.

4. Layla on the guitar

I’ve found the tab and a tutorial video on the internet. Need to pick the guitar up now.

5. Play three new people at table tennis

I played two children from my class today but I don’t think that counts…(I won though)

Thanks for your support – roll on the summer holidays (although still a way to go yet!)


  1. I’ll happily eat a Thai curry from you, I can do 5 skips, met a phillippian once, can play American pie (the opening line) on a guitar, buying an extra 2 tables for you.

  2. Lol. Love that Jess bought you a skipping rope!! Sounds like you’re all set up to take the plunge next week! Thanks for linking up with #GetGoodSummer

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