An upgrade to a “big girl bed”

We’ve only gone and done it.

Yes that’s right. A huge step in Sophie’s childhood has been navigated.

Well, kinda navigated anyway. 

She has been released from her cot and now sleeps free from shackles in her very own “big girl bed”.

And how’s that going?

Hmm, the jury’s out on that one.

In fairness to Sophie the transition has been really smooth. She hasn’t once mourned for the safe security of her cot. 

Plus, with the inclusion of a mattress next to her bed – to soften her landing should she fall out – she is totally happy to roll around in bed.

We’ve even replaced the prison like shackles of her cot with a safety gate on her door.

Initially welcomed as “my special gate!”, Sophie soon realised that it denied her access to the outside world and has grown to really dislike it.

Poor thing. 

The going down to sleep process has been lengthened as well. She can run around her room now and often  we’ve heard the sound of thumping books or pattering feet as she explores the exciting nighttime environment of her room for the first time. 

This has occasionally strayed into bizarre sleeping places. Witness Exhibit A.

So exhausted from the effort of trying to open her gate, she simply collapsed on the floor, snoring. A friend of mine pointed out she ought to be worried about the sheep nibbling her feet. 

Fair point.

Regularly, an ‘intervention’ will be required when we go up to bed as Sophie will be some distance from her bed, either on the mattress or the floor next to it.

These are usually very successful – she barely even wakes as we lump her back in.

The heat hasn’t helped either, leaving her bed devoid of duvet or blankets and more akin to an Alcatraz cell bed than an exciting sleeping space.

No wonder she’s waking up earlier too!

Still, we persevere on and there’s no turning back. Sophie has graduated to a her ‘big girl bed’ and that’s where she’s going to stay.

What next? Toilet training probably…yikes!

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  1. Big girl bed how time flies from babyhood x x M M

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