“I think Autumn is my favourite season,” declared my wife this morning.

Really? What about Spring, where we get to see and feed newborn animals at the local farm, come out of hibernation into the green again park and go on long walks?

Or Winter as the snow falls, it’s cold and crisp outside and the Christmas lights and decorations are scattered round the city?

As for Summer, we get to go playing on the beach and splashing in the sea?

“Nope, Autumn.”

And on a morning such as today, it’s very hard to disagree.

Beautiful colours flanked the boulevard of trees as our little family pottered around Fields Park this morning. The leaves swayed in the gentle breeze, helicopters of brown and orange fluttering across the already blanketed path.


Sophie loved careering through the leaves, kicking up clouds of colour and giggling gleefully to herself. It was surprising and yet wonderful to blink hazily in the bright sunlight, not a cloud spoiling the crystal blue sky.

Not that it was particularly warm. Sophie was initially  plonked into her snowsuit (I talked my wife out of that despite her “But it’s fashionable…” protestations) before ending up in her coat and in the shade you really did need a coat to take away that autumnal nip.

However, in the glorious sunshine, it felt a real privilege to be part of God’s creation and marvel at the amazing technicolor on show. What a blessing to wander around soaking it up.


Yet, in case you’re thinking this all sounds a bit too idyllic, Sophie did manage to get cross about a) being asked to walk, b) being pulled away from the slide and c) not being given more rice cakes than she could physically hold.

Still, I guess you can’t have everything!