I’m sure I’m not the only Dad who has done this.

Last night, with Sophie dropped off to sleep but refusing to burp (I know, how rude of her!), I contacted my wife stealthily by virtue of the baby monitor.

She was happily downstairs sorting the kitchen when my disembodied voice croaked out of the monitor; “She’s gone, but she hasn’t burped yet!”

I bet she jumped a mile!

Our baby monitor suits the purpose for communicating from the baby’s room but unfortunately you can’t reply back through the unit. I had to stifle a giggle as I heard my wife whisper a reply only to realise I wouldn’t make out the words so she came upstairs anyway!

This has given me some great ideas for terrifying visitors when they come round, providing strange haunting noises which seem to come from the walls. It could provide me with much mild amusement.

However, I am hoping Sophie does not discover this feature as she gets older and able to talk. Flash-forwards to her making ghostly “oooohhhhhs” and mock screams in the middle of the night give me the shivers!

So for now, I’ll simply use it as a walkie talkie. It appeals to my masculinity, boys and their toys and all. I wonder why they don’t make this a marketing ploy?

It works one way, which can be used to my advantage

It works one way, which can be used to my advantage