When the Back to School range of clothing gets launched in the supermarkets at the end of July, it does always seem a bit ridiculous.

I mean, surely people’s children grow over the summer break anyway? All that sunshine – it’s bound to do wonders for their height!

However, when there’s a definite chill in the end after sundown, it can only mean one thing. Term is back on, the brand new uniform is being worn (even by the teachers) and normal service is resumed.


Back to School

We went back last week and so far I’ve enjoyed the challenge of teaching a brand new year group and children who I really didn’t know much about prior to the end of the summer term.

Sure, they’re littler than the Year 6 counterparts I’ve been teaching more recently, and naturally they have different learning needs but it’s great to experience a different age and take on the need to enhance my own skillset.

The battle of work-life balance has also kicked in, immediately. For instance, I haven’t done this for over a week – since starting back last Tuesday to be precise! Without the systems, planning and familiarity of having taught Year 4 before, I’ve needed to devote quite a lot of time to getting up to speed and things like the blog can suffer as a result.

Similarly, time with family becomes constrained. It’s a symptom of putting things in place and making sure all is ship shape for my new class.

The weekend wasn’t completely dominated by work – we managed to sneak out to the Trafford Centre and get balloons from Hamleys! and watch my wife do Park Run – but there was plenty of assessment and planning that needed doing so I was cracking on with that.

It’s healthy to be working hard and making sure all bases are covered.

So, it really has been back to school in earnest. And my evenings are bookended by planning, marking and curriculum development. Time with my wife and Sophie? We’ll get some I’m sure. October half term isn’t too far away, is it?!