Baking (with a toddler!)

In our house, we are huge fans of Masterchef: The Professionals.

Not because we try to reproduce anything that they do on the show. It’s probably more that we like to know what fine dining food looks like (and we’re really really jealous of Gregg Wallace’s job!)

However, Sophie has now entered the cooking domain.

Michel Roux Jr, watch out!

It started with some expertly chosen Christmas presents. First of all, her grandparents got her a dressing up apron and daft chef’s hat which she absolutely loves. (She also got a mini piano and microphone and became The Singing Chef to rapturous applause on Christmas Day. “Can you hear me?!”)

In addition to this though, her aunty bought her a real apron and cupcake baking set. It was Frozen themed so my wife loved it – more on that in a future blog post! – and her and Sophie got stuck into a first baking experience.

It all took place on the floor. Well, she couldn’t particularly reach the sides in our kitchen, even with a step! They put the mixture in the bowl and Sophie gave it a good stir. She seemed fascinated by the texture, or maybe she was just considering what the best technique for splattering it across our walls would be! Needless to say, she enjoyed whisking it up!

After that came the all important process of placing the mixture into cake cases. Sophie meticulously plonked (if that’s possible!) the gooey mix into the cake cases, happily shouting “More!” as her and my wife went along.


So far so good in terms of mess, although it was necessary to change baking trays before it went in the oven. We might have had a lot of burned bits otherwise!

Ten minutes of cooking seemed to whizz by. Sophie and my wife sat down for the final minute to watch the timer tick down and look at the cakes rising happily in the oven. She was enraptured!


The cakes came out looking golden brown and very tasty.


We gave Sophie one for her afternoon snack and within seconds it had vanished.

They say a good cook has to taste their food and check that it’s OK. I think it’s safe to say she can do that!

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  1. Good to see they enjoyed themselves!

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