When you think Godfather, you may think Mafia, Al Pacino and an iron fisted rule over a wider extended family.

You may just be in awe of some amazing cinematography, even if the violence is perhaps not quite your thing.

And I’m hoping that if you know me at all, you probably will be aware that perhaps that kind of Godfather is not really the way I conduct myself!

However, with the prospect of seeing both my goddaughters in the space of two days this weekend, I really can’t wait for the end of the week.

But what is a godfather? It’s certainly not a concept which is going out of fashion. Christenings are still all the rage even if they can sometimes be more about the party (and dare I say it like a mini wedding!) and godparents are still selected and asked to perform certain duties around the child being christened.

This post from last year articulates just a few of my thoughts about what it means and how my wife and I approach the privilege and joy it is.

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