Back in March, this blog hosted a poll chronicling your thoughts on the best baby song.

Since then, Sophie has learned to talk, she’s developed a bit of a singing voice and she’s lent her own voice to this epic debate!

Here are her favourites.

It probably started three months ago when we heard her singing Twinkle Twinkle to the teddies in her bed. She had such semblance of tune and a good volume going on – not what we wanted at half 5 but you have to commend her rhythm!

Twinkle Twinkle is a favourite

She’s learned to request songs and treats my wife and I like some kind of jukebox. Regularly, she’ll amble over to us and request “Ro-Ro” (code for Row, Row, Row your Boat) which then involves quite a bit of physical activity on our part and her noisy screaming when she sees a crocodile!

Another favourite is “Frere Jacques” although we use this for changing nappies and that certainly isn’t her most treasured time of the day. We have noticed her singing that quite raucously – not in French though!

Our Sing and Sign DVD – I mentioned it last week – is of course up there in Sophie’s favourites. She likes singing about visiting a farm one day. She can’t do any of the signs and doesn’t know any of the words. What she lacks in specifics, she makes up for with enthusiasm though!

Speaking of farms, Old MacDonald always goes down really well, particularly when we’re out and about. Today, my wife was in a coffee shop with her when Sophie suddenly flashmobbed into Old MacDonald. Apparently, he’s got three horses and nothing else! The lady opposite was quite impressive with Sophie’s singing. X-Factor contestant of the future?

old macdonald

When she’s in the car, we’ve taken to singing a number of different tunes. However, our minds tend to go blank and we revert to the same old favourites. It’s the job of whoever’s in the passenger seat to entertain Sophie and music is usually a pretty reliable technique. That is why I tend to do most of the driving though.

Her top four though have become extra favourites partly thanks to the discovery of playing them on the guitar. I’ve tried to expose Sophie to my guitar playing fairly regularly since she was born and she does like it, but it’s only this week I’ve started playing songs she knows on it.

She does enjoy a good Sleeping Bunnies and gets the whole idea of lying down during the first part. For some reason, she doesn’t close her eyes. Can anyone explain why?

Wind the Bobbin Up – her godparent’s favourite! – is guaranteed to get her attention. She vaguely understands it and can point to the ceiling and the door without any issue. Windows and floor are a bit less successful. Who needs those anyway?!

Her top two now and one has only appeared on the scene in the past week. Sophie loves it though, mainly to do with the accompanying actions.

And it makes it to second place – Ring a Roses. Always good to be singing a classic plague song! Sophie is extremely fond of turning around and falling to the floor on purpose though. Quite good for tiring her out before bed too!

ring a roses

So the best baby song according to Sophie?

It’s not Down in the Jungle as was my favourite back in March. But instead, it’s an absolute classic. If You’re Happy And You Know It. What I love about this song is that she could be really cross about something but singing this song will still robotically prompt the obedience of clapping her hands, stamping her feet etc. Guaranteed to cheer her up and put us in a good mood too, this is Sophie’s favourite song at the moment.

Who knows what it’ll be in another six months?!

I’m really hoping it’s not Justin Bieber!