Big Animals, Small Animals…

Bright sunny Spring day?

Family time with my wife and Sophie?

The only option was a trip to the zoo.

So off we went…

Sophie woke up smiling, repeating the words; “See animals!” over and over again. She was so excited.

As we got in the car, we were talking to her about the animals at the zoo – lions, tigers, elephants etc – which prompted her to rattle off her well-practised range of animal noises. Finally, all those hours of sound training proved useful.

We were early as it was school holidays and we wanted to beat the queues. It was well worth it as the first animals we encountered were a host of friendly elephants, plodding around, squirting water and generally being very elephant-like. Sophie loved them!

Elephants are the first thing seen

The elephants were very close to the entrance

Initially, a bit tentative, she cuddled into her mummy but she soon warmed up and enjoyed studying their every move like a trained animal watcher. From there, it was on to the monkeys – “oo oo ah ah” – who were scuttling around their monkey house.

Our trip round the new feature at the zoo took us to the heart of the South Pacific where we saw an array of birds in glorious technicolor, some slightly more exciting cows (!) and then, best of all, three amazing tigers! They were prowling around their area and Sophie could barely contain her excitement. This time, we were at a safe distance and she could roar without any fear

There were some awesome tigers

There were some awesome tigers

So cute.

We posed for photos in front of a bear, pointed out the cheetah and then had a good natured discussion about whether the flamingos we saw were pink or red. The babies were definitely pink but the older ones, not so sure.

Are they pink or red??

Are they pink or red??

She enjoyed seeing the penguins, the sea turtles and any kind of tortoise – “Rick and Sarah” she shouted in honour of their pet tortoise Darwin. Didnt get chance to explain that to the confused looking zookeeper though.



Inside the tropical house, Sophie went on my shoulders which got her close up and personal with electric blue rainforest frogs and fluorescent green tropical snakes. She loved it.

As we came out of there, the heavens opened but, in honour of the Sophie la girafe range which she loves we had to check out the giraffe. So we did, having am obligatory photo and then charging for the car!

We got absolutely drenched – so much for bright and sunny day! – but it was so worth it. Sophie loved seeing the animals (so did we) and has chartered on about it to whoever will listen in the days since.

Next stop – a safari park…maybe!

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  1. Jennifer McLean

    April 9, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    I love your blogs Joe. Keep them coming. I do not have Google+ but I will get someone who is more literate than me to help me with it. I am glad you had a wonderful time at the zoo. 😍

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