Boyfriends? At 19 months old??

My protective Dad reflex was spurred into action this week.

But it was entirely Sophie’s fault!

Ever since she was born, I’ve been aware that at some point I will need to guard my little girl against the dangers of dating and been psyching myself up to my most scariest in order to ward off potential suitors.

I’ve known that I will have to read the magazines on what to say to prospective boyfriends and how to frighten them away from going near our beautiful daughter.

I know all that.

Surely not this early though!

Monday was just like any other day. Or so I thought.

I arrived to collect Sophie from nursery, slightly later than I wanted to and therefore didn’t get a car parking space. I had to park down the road on some residential street and cross “the busiest bus route in Europe” (Copyright 2015) in order to get to the building.

So I was already a bit flustered.

Bursting into the room, I saw Sophie wandering round like she often is, clutching various toy shrapnel and singing to herself. She gave me a look of perplexed amusement and then ambled over to point at me and demanded a cuddle.

All very normal.

Then, as we were waiting for someone else to be seen and she was waving at one of the nursery workers, she started straining on my arm to get free. Hold on a minute.

I put her down and, before I knew what was happening, she was charging over to a group of boys (renegades I’m sure) to give the ringleader a hug and an open-mouthed Sophie kiss on the cheek.


Satisfied, she turned back to me and requested I pick her up again.

Naturally, I wanted an explanation from the nursery staff:

  • Who was this boy?
  • What intentions did he have for my daughter?
  • What were his family like?
  • Was he from “around here”?
  • Did he have a Christian faith and would he teach Sophie about Jesus?

All these things raced through my head but all I could splutter was a very eloquent; “Who’s that?”

“Oh that’s Hugo,” they replied.

Hugo? Hu-go and find yourself another girl, I thought to myself, clutching Sophie more tightly than ever. We swiftly made our exit and I spent the journey back to the car explaining to her how she was far too young for boyfriends and needed to be careful who she hung around with.

She smiled and nodded and went back to bashing toys against the car seat and trying to pull the sunshade off the window.

Guess some aspects of childhood never change!


  1. Brilliant writing Joe hope you are all well .Sophie certainly is growing up now not babies for long .Really enjoy reading your DADDY JOE BlOGS .Take care love m m xx

    • Joe

      October 20, 2015 at 10:58 pm

      Hi Mary, thanks for your comment. They really are not babies for long are they. Crazy! Hope you guys are doing well xx

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