Broadchurch – worth a watch?! (No Spoilers!)

I completely missed the boat first time round with Broadchurch. With my head buried in live football, I’d had no time (or inclination) to be aware of popular drama series making waves on terrestrial TV.

It wasn’t until my Dad came back off a long haul flight raving about this show he’d seen called Broadchurch, where he’d watched six episodes back-to-back because it was so good.

And even then I’d thought Broadchurch meant less of a gripping crime thriller and more of a large group of religious people!

Seaside community

Seaside community, not a supersized building

However, when Sophie was born and suddenly it was available On Demand I thought it was worth checking out. Deep amidst the throes of late night feeds/early morning wake-up calls, I tuned into the tiny seaside community of Broadchurch and was almost instantly sucked into its drama and tension.

With a chilling mystery at its heart, Series 1 opened up the hearts of characters who initially seemed so at peace with each other and with their ordinary lives. An idyllic, tranquil village is exposed as a macabre, double-minded place where nothing is quite as it seems.

And it was fantastic. Start to finish. When my wife watched it later on, she couldn’t bear to stop watching after episode 6 and insisted on the last two episodes immediately after (even though it was already gone midnight and there was no other reason to stay up as Sophie was away at her grandparents!).

Broadchurch 2

So, excitement building, we watched Series 2 at the beginning of this year.

DON’T watch Series 2 without watching Series 1. Everything hangs on the events of Series 1. Tiny little details which you thought were circumstantial in Series 1 are dug up, questioned and illuminated for all to see. Everything matters. And as the events of Series 2 unfold, you find yourself asking, is all of this for real?

It takes the show in a different direction, slightly away from the community of Broadchurch and into another arena, the courtroom, the past and with new, even shadier characters to try and decipher. The Whodunnit? in part becomes a Whoisit? with a resolution which, whilst providing an ending of sorts, still in my opinion leaves a bitter taste.

Yet, with everything wrapped up and sorted by the end of Series 2, it was confirmed that Series 3 was soon to be in production, to return to our screens. Whatever will they put in that one?!

So yes, definitely, if it’s thrills and gripping mystery that you want, give Broadchurch a go. It’s tense, dramatic and intriguing – particularly Series 1. What you think about seaside towns will be changed forever.


  1. Nice use of my home town of Weymouth in the 2nd picture.

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