“I know a place…”

Four very simple words which have gone down in YouTube legend as words which revolutionised music videos.

Uttered five years ago by Simon H, the end result was something so mind blowing that it’s full scale and impact has yet to be realised.

Cafe North 2

By anyone!

However, the video and accompanying song of Breakfast at Cafe North (uploaded five years ago this week!) remain classic.

It is available as a special video clip here!

My friend Rick and I are not averse to the videos of one Dave Henson – a hilarious football fan who parodied popular songs and made them funny through his careful choice of comedy photographs.

I’m not sure it’s our photos that we enjoyed the most when making our song – maybe it’s simply the sound of Rick rapping which makes our video unique! – but we definitely loved producing and creating the soundtrack.

Cafe North 1

Set to California Gurls by Katy Perry, the song highlights the good brought into the world by the Northern Quarter’s breakfast spot at Cafe North. A corner establishment, with terrific views of the Printworks and Shudehill tram station, it really is a killer location!

Cafe North

(Although if you want a teacake it’s not happening is it Matt?!)

We offered the video as promotional material for Cafe North, firmly expecting an excited agreement. Maybe a contract for more videos in the future?

Do you know what they said?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Still, I’m sure our big break is just around the corner…!