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#WorldBookDayForAdults- what character would you be?

Over recent years, World Book Day has become a primary school institution.

From the Gruffalo to the BFG and back again, children (or perhaps their parents!) have shown themselves to be experts in the art of turning themselves into book characters.

Sure, you always have the ones that come in football kit – professional clubs have football annuals and programmes after all! – but the imagination many show is incredible.

(For once, you have no trouble spotting Where Wally is… all the teachers have come dressed as him to take the easy option – don’t knock it. I’ve been there!)

But this year, as I was doing my usual copious outfit planning, I started wondering what World Book Day might look like outside the primary school bubble.

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Daddy Joe Blogs – a review of the year

As 2016 approaches, I want to thank everybody who has visited my blog and offered their support.

I get a lot of enjoyment from recording my random thoughts and musings and it’s great to know that other people appreciate it.

At the end of this very successful year, here’s my most popular five posts of the year. Can you spot any you’ve seen before?


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Review: Baby Comes Home

As a Dad, it’s a great privilege to get asked from time to time to review some of the latest books available for parents and parents-to-be.

This month, I’ve taken a look at Baby Comes Home by Dr Paul Roumeliotis which is a guide for new parents to the first eighteen months of their new baby’s life.

With Sophie just crossing over that threshold, it may not be as helpful to me as it would have been back in March 2014; however, I’m in a pretty knowledgeable place to check out its content!

Baby Comes Home

Baby Comes Home

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Sophie Review: World Athletics Championships

My mum and dad are so silly – always trying to get me watching sport!

And after a week of being forced to watch hundreds of people running, chucking, jumping, and swivel walking (sometimes all at once!) I felt it was important to put together my own review of the champs.

So here goes.

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With just eight days to go

This summer I’ve been a musician, a youth worker, a stay at home Dad and a tourist. 

However, with just eight days left until the return to school for thousands of children across the UK, I’ve been required to don the latest of my vocational hats. 

An interior designer!
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A year of Daddy Joe Blogs…

On this day a year ago, I sat in the dining room of my friend Martin’s house and tried to decode HTML! With a bit of encouragement and a lot of expertise on his part, we set up and my blogging journey had begun.


135 posts later (over 1 every three days!), this online journal plays a key part in my life and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped get it up and running and for all those who have supported it!

Sophie’s come a long way since the first days of this blog. Back then, she was an utterly dependent, immobile, speechless beautiful little baby…

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General Election – who will help Sophie out?

Apparently any child born today – the same day as the brand new Princess Royal if you hadn’t noticed- will be awarded a lucky silver penny.

However, on Friday morning, when the dust has settled after the General Election and we possibly have a bit more clarity about the direction of our country, what will the future hold for Sophie and the Princess’s generation.

Sophie runs her learned eye over the policies of the main parties which will apply directly to her.

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Back 2 School

Being off for six weeks is apparently not unusual for teachers.

In fact, if some rhetoric was to be believed, we have half the year off on paid leave, work from 9-3 every day and are simply the biggest slackers going.

Not that I’m entering into that debate.

However, after handing my class over to someone else for six weeks and literally detaching completely from work, it has been very strange going back into school this week.


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When you’ve not blogged for ten days…

So it’s been ten days since I last updated this – as if you’ve all noticed! – and it’s been strange not having the ability to write on it. I’ve not quite had itchy fingers or felt the queasy pangs of withdrawal symptoms but it has been odd.

Thank you to all who’ve accessed this blog so far.

I guess the original thinking behind it was to chronicle the early stages of Sophie’s life, be a store of memories, a way to laugh at funny/tough times and hopefully share with her one day (perhaps at her wedding!)

Allied to that was a desire to comment on anything noteworthy in the sporting world and bring in my Christian faith where possible.

After eight months of blogging, I hope I’ve achieved that and I’m excited about the next stage.

Sophie turns 1 next month – unbelievable stuff! – and we’re facing both new challenges and new joys of parenting.

Blackburn Rovers’ inexorable march to the Premier League continues (yeah right!).

Josh King - the reserve  who ripped Stoke apart in the FA Cup

Josh King – the reserve who ripped Stoke apart in the FA Cup

The return to work for both of us and adapting to Sophie going to childcare for some of the week.

All I can say is that I’m looking forward to recording it and I hope you stick with it!

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