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The problem of Maths/The beauty of Maths

I know that half the people seeing the title of this post will hate any positive reference towards the discipline of mathematics.

A childhood spent hating the many hours wasted in stuffy Maths classrooms trying to get your head round pointless equations and formulas will certainly see to that. Believe me, two of my housemates at university were Maths students and I’m pretty sure they would have agreed with a rather negative response towards Maths!

As for the other half, (and this may well be where my former housemates are now situated!) they’ll be firmly in agreement about the beauty in the logic of Maths. As a subject, it has so much depth and colour to it that it many ways it is as mesmerising as a glorious sunset.

Allow me to explain.

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Bite is worse than their bark

A few weeks ago, my wife picked up Sophie from nursery only to discover three defined teeth marks in her forehead and just above her eyebrow.

It was horrible. And we had no warning about it.

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These shoes were made for walking

If you saw Friday’s post about Sophie’s new movements, you’d be aware that our little girl is very much on the move – and fast!

So, it was vital we embarked on another very important rite of passage and visited a shoe shop with her for the first time!

It was very exciting!

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Losing hurts – (I don’t mean at football!)

A tricky situation has been recurring recently.

Sophie will head off to nursery equipped with everything she needs for the day. She’ll be looking swish, accessorised to the max and ready for chilling with her crew. So to speak.

But when I pick her up, amidst the carnage of all the children being collected, there’s often one thing that’s missing. And I don’t realise until I get home.

I’ve certainly learned more sympathy with those poor parents whose children lose jumpers/PE kits/trainers/pencil cases/their marbles (!) on a regular basis at the end of the school day!

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Dadadada – that elusive first word

When Sophie was born, I had big plans for what her first word was going to be.

It was either going to be Daddy, Jesus or Rovers or perhaps a weird and wonderful hybrid of the three. (A bit of an insight into the experiences our baby girl has had over the last 14 months!).

I always thought that emitting your first word was a seminal moment, where somehow you graduate from full-on screaming and crying to politely discussing current affairs (at nursery!) over milk and biscuits. A bit like Stewie from Family Guy, only without the crudeness and psychotic tendencies!

That’s why I used to pester my own Mum and Dad to reveal their “secret” of what my first word was.

Turns out it’s not quite that simple!

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Testing the children – fair or foul?

I’ve not blogged yet this week – the twin pressures of SATS preparation and Parents Evening providing more than enough for this Year 6 teacher to be getting on with.

But as we come to the end of a so-called “mock SATS” week, it’s left me reflecting on the enduring nature of formal assessments and “tests”.

Are they a teacher’s way out of doing rigorous daily assessments on their classes and causing anxiety to their pupils, or are they helpful for ascertaining “where they are”  and providing benefit to the children themselves?

And that’s the interesting contrast of tests.

Allow me to explain…

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Spring Days Out

Where would you find a baby alpaca called Dennis, an overpregnant cow called Louise and three mischievous little rodents racing up and down?

I’m not talking about a sequel to the horrendous Alvin and the Chipmunks – on a farm of course! And our trip to Smithills Open Farm recently with Sophie was such a great experience.


Alpacas and llamas are such cool animals!

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The best baby song – The Results!

The public have spoken…

The votes have been counted…

The results are in…

Who will be crowned as the best baby song 2015? Read on to find out!


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POLL: What’s the best baby song?

If there’s anything being off with Sophie has taught me, music plays a huge part in the lives of small children and, whatever group you go to, it’s always the same old songs they sing.

Twinkle Twinkle is a favourite


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Thoughts ahead of nursery

Tomorrow is a significant date in Sophie’s life as she goes to nursery for the first time.

It’s only for an hour and I’ll be in the room doing some paperwork but it still feels like a seminal moment for her.

In two weeks’ time, when she starts there as a 3 day pupil (even that word seems strange), it really will mark a turning point for her.

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