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Sophie found Dory… but how did she find the cinema?

This blog loves a good “firsts” story.

So when we braved taking Sophie to the cinema for the very first time to watch Pixar’s Finding Dory, it was always going to end up on these pages.

Before we set off, we were racked with questions like:
“How will it be?”
“Will she cope with the loud noises?”
“How on earth will we keep a hyperactive toddler quiet and still for two hours?”
“Does she even like fish?!”

And here’s how it went…


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A rather different week with Sophie…

If you’ve met Sophie, or read about her at any point on my blog, you’ll know she’s a pretty active and friendly child.

She loves life and will charge around quite happily, interacting with everything  and being really personable.

It’s so cute watching her toddle off into nursery and babble along with all her little friends who she crowds with. The other day one of her buddies spotted me on the way into nursery and shouted; “Sophie!” at me. Her mum looked a bit confused until she realised how her daughter had any knowledge of me.

Funny what toddlers pick up!

However, this week has been a different story.

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The Revenant – A Review

It’s tipped to scoop a whole host of Oscars on Sunday night.

Leonardo Di Caprio has been described as putting in a “barnstorming performance” by the Guardian and the director puts the viewer through an “amazing sensory experience” according to Empire magazine.

But, is it any good?

Well, my wife and I decided to check it out this weekend and here’s what we thought.

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The fellowship is complete…

And so it begins.

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Frozen…a world of unpredictable obsession!

When my brother-in-law and sister-in-law kindly purchased a fancy dress costume for Sophie from Ana in the Frozen film, we thought that it was a really lovely Christmas present.

Coupled with the film itself, we were excited about introducing Sophie to the magic of Disney films in what was essentially a fun and harmless way.

Little did we know that it would almost instantly lead to a brand new world of childhood obsession which, if left untreated, could spiral out of control!

Don’t tell me to Let It Go!

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Review: Star Wars The Force Awakens

And so, as Star Wars breaks all the box office records, I felt it worth recording my thoughts on the latest addition to one of the world’s biggest ever franchises.

Credentials? Well, I’m not a incredible Star Wars geek (it’s fair to say I know more about the likes of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter!) but I have seen all the previous films at least three times and done a Star Wars marathon before so I have got some pedigree!

I do enjoy it too.

Without too many spoilers (!), here’s my review of Star Wars Episode 7.

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Exodus: God and Kings – Review

When the director of Gladiator signs up to take on one of the most gripping stories in the Bible and casts Batman in the lead role as Moses, you know it’s going to be epic.

In terms of scale, action and budget at the very least!

But does it have any accuracy? For all the thrills and spills, is it worth it? Can it add to my faith? I had a lot of questions going into it, but afterwards I only had more.

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Broadchurch – worth a watch?! (No Spoilers!)

I completely missed the boat first time round with Broadchurch. With my head buried in live football, I’d had no time (or inclination) to be aware of popular drama series making waves on terrestrial TV.

It wasn’t until my Dad came back off a long haul flight raving about this show he’d seen called Broadchurch, where he’d watched six episodes back-to-back because it was so good.

And even then I’d thought Broadchurch meant less of a gripping crime thriller and more of a large group of religious people!

Seaside community

Seaside community, not a supersized building

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The Circle of Life – Sophie’s on her walker!

One of my favourite Lion King songs is The Circle of Life, which starts off with a fantastic A Capella Swahili melody – it sounds like a cat is being steadily mauled (!) but actually is translated as “Here Comes A Lion, Father” and is a powerful and sweeping beginning to the musical.

The stage show and the film are both spectacular in totally different ways – the African plains being brought to life by animation in one and through the spellbinding movement of people in the other.


Nevertheless, the song covers how life, whilst moving on relentlessly has a cyclical pattern to it and watching Sophie this week has certainly brought that to mind.

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Film: The theory of everything

I’m aware that I’m on dangerous territory.

This isn’t something I’d normally do. Usually reviewing films is the domain of more experienced moviegoers.

And a blog post without even mentioning the word Sophie? (Darn it, I mentioned the name!). Surely not.

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