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A Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour 10 Years On: Days 3 and 4

After the stripped back first two days of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour, Day 3 was a day off from gigs.


However, we did have to shoot straight back up the way we’d come, heading for the City of Manchester Stadium and the arrival of Bonjovi in my life.

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Gone down in History part 2

As my blog from the other day tried to suggest, it was a real treat to study History with so many quality people.

Many of the others in the photo I have lots of time and respect for and would love to know what they are up to now.

(Probably been swallowed into the craziness of London living – but that’s OK!)

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Gone down in History

We were thrilled on Saturday to celebrate the wedding of “History legend” Charlie to her top new husband Sam.

For my wife and I, it was a great chance to catch up with some of the people who I enjoyed three happy years studying with back at Nottingham Uni 2004-2007.

Ironically, Facebook was more than happy to confirm it was the 9th anniversary of our History ball, firing up all sorts of ridiculous pictures of a night out down Chapel Row in Nottingham.

Certainly not the greatest photo in the world but it captures almost everyone

Certainly not the greatest photo in the world but it captures almost everyone

So, here’s a tribute to all the History crew. I wonder what you’re all doing now!

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Memories of a former home part 2

So, my previous blog touched on some of our best memories of our previous house, which we left behind on Thursday.

In Part 2, I look at how we spent our time in the great outdoors of our house!

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Memories of a former home

On Thursday my wife and I dumped all our worldly possessions on the back of a removal van and headed off for pastures new, waving goodbye to the four walls we had previously called home.

This was nothing we hadn’t experienced before.

Since we got married almost six (SIX?!) years we’ve moved 5 times so we’re quite used to cutting our things and going.

This time was a bit different though.

Our house had gathered with it a phenomenal amount of lifelong memories – ones which quite naturally flashed before our eyes as we loaded up two days ago.

I’d like to share a few in a three-part blog.

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Emmanuel Church, Bramcote – Going Home

When you become a Christian and join a church, relationships are dramatically affected.

It’s more than acquantaince or colleagues. It’s more than simple friendship.

It’s family.

And so, when we returned to our old church in Nottingham, Emmanuel Bramcote at the weekend, it really felt a lot like going home.

Which was very special.

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Friends forever

When our great friends informed us they were 11 weeks pregnant in July 2013, we were naturally delighted for them. All the more so because we could share our news that we were expecting too – and were just 4 and a half weeks behind!

Fast forward nine months and their little girl Emily was two weeks overdue and Sophie burst onto the scene two weeks early.

Meant they were only 4 days apart.

Practically twins!

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Flashback: New Year’s Eve 2010

Like many people I know my thoughts on New Year’s Eve mainly consist of it flattering to deceive. The danger of it becoming an expensive letdown is an all too familiar reality for most.

However, one of my favourite memories of seeing in the New Year occurred in a flat in Nottingham five years ago, as an Incredible evening of fun and festivities brought 2011 in in real style.

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Christmas Dinner 2008 – 2009

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of entertaining some of our closest friends in the latest instalment of our Christmas Dinner institution.

As part of the evening’s festivities, I had created a game looking back on the previous eight years of celebrations.

Here is the first of my posts reflecting on some “cracking” Christmas memories!

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Boyfriends? At 19 months old??

My protective Dad reflex was spurred into action this week.

But it was entirely Sophie’s fault!

Ever since she was born, I’ve been aware that at some point I will need to guard my little girl against the dangers of dating and been psyching myself up to my most scariest in order to ward off potential suitors.

I’ve known that I will have to read the magazines on what to say to prospective boyfriends and how to frighten them away from going near our beautiful daughter.

I know all that.

Surely not this early though!

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