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Farmyard fun

Two years ago we descended on Smithhills Farm with a wide-eyed, cooing one-year-old.

Twenty four months on, we returned with a highly chatty three-year-old and a grinning baby.

A recipe for success?

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Sophie vs the Gruffalo: The Rematch

Just twelve months ago, I wrote this blog post about how traumatised Sophie was when she came face-to-face with a full-sized Gruffalo.

Reading it back gave me shivers of horror remembering how upset she.

Fast forward twelve months though and we were hosting a third birthday party themed around a famous children’s character with turned out toes and a poisonous wart on the end of his nose.

Two questions spring to mind –
1) How did that happen?
2) How did it all turn out?

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Fodder – a new five aside team is born

Fodder: “A True Underfed” story

The Gammy Knees are yesterday’s news.

After claiming a trophy in their final ever appearance (see Gammy Knees: A History), our Nottingham five aside team faded into the annals of history and Rick and I were left teamless. Lost. Abandoned.

Until, with the arrival of city slicker Tom – at least that’s what he thinks – to our region and we were offered the chance to return to our footballing home.


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Christmas is coming part 1

It’s a bit of a cliche  but often at this time of year, you will hear people trot out the phrase, “I don’t feel Christmassy yet.”

It usually comes in response to early sunsets, gridlocked traffic and an inability to comprehend the number of Christmas lights springing up across the neighbourhood.

And, to be honest, I’ve felt much the same way this year, what with the birth of Harry at the start of November and trying to squeeze that into my already crammed existence.

However, with the help of my festive-happy wife and eager daughter, I think I might just be getting there.

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Braxton “Hitch” – a wedding while in superficial labour

There was a point when I was blissfully ignorant of the phrase “Braxton Hicks.”

I remember a time when these words would go straight over my head and I would get on with my day, totally oblivious to their effect.

Not so much anymore.

With my wife 39 and a half weeks pregnant, Braxton Hicks are the norm.

Whoever old Braxton is, he’s probably one of the most referenced “celebrities” around.

And, he very nearly scuppered the best laid plans of a wedding too!

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How many ducks

Over the past couple of years at school, I’ve been on a whole host of training courses about Maths teaching, how children acquire Maths and strategies to cope with Maths problems.

Never one to secure a particularly healthy work-life balance, I decided to put my learning to the test on our unsuspecting 2 and a half year old.

With mixed results…

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A Rock ‘N’ Roll Tour Ten Years On: Day 8

Naturally, we decided that the most sensible choice was to go straight to Swindon. There would be no traffic after all.

I should have realised how this leg of the trip would go when our car started drifting towards the steep bank at the side of the road and I had to shout “Niki!” loudly to wake up the driver!

Disaster averted but there was more fun and games to come.

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A Rock ‘N’ Roll Tour 10 Years On: Day 2

After a vaguely satisfying sleep in the car we set off early on Friday 2 June.

For the first time (of many) that week, we travelled a great distance, taking the most direct route possible from Huddersfield to Bridgend.

It was a sunny Friday in half term so the roads were predictably busy. To be honest, it was such a long way to go. What were Bryan’s schedulers thinking??

Day 2 Journey

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Picnic in the Park

We’re heading off into the sunshine for a picnic – can’t wait.

The most important accessories are packed, the food is cooked and prepared… we’re ready to go! (Just got to wait for Sophie to wake up!)


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Dad Car Decals – a new thing for me!

I’ve never really done the back windscreen sticker thing.

You know the type, Baby on BoardBoy Racer, that sort of thing.

I, on the other hand, have never really been cool enough to pull these off.

The only time I’ve ever been satisfied to stick something on the back of my car was when I needed L plates!

However, the world of “car decals” is something I’ve just discovered and it’s actually quite intriguing!

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