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Wales…and it’s influence on our child

I’m not particularly Welsh-centric. For that matter, I’m not in the least bit Welshaphobe.

It’s not so much I’m indifferent as I’ve never really thought about it

But actually, as an important member of our church group (a proud Welshman) prepares to fly out for a new life in Canada, it occurred to me that Wales has played a surprisingly significant role in Sophie’s life.


And here’s how.

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Three Peaks Snowdon…challenge over!

And so on to the final mountain – Snowdon. Wales’ highest peak. In the mist and rain.


We were climbing the “easy” Pyg trail with two hours left on the clock until the 24 hour deadline, Simon and I suddenly thought we had a chance. This path was really quick and we could possibly make it! After all, why not go down fighting?

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Three Peaks Scafell Pike

Part Two of our Three Peaks Challenge sent us up England’s  highest peak, Scafell Pike. This time, not only did we have tired legs and been cooped up in a minibus for six hours but we also had the darkness and 1am start to contend with. Bring it on!

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Three Peaks Ben Nevis

I do love a good challenge. And on this weekend last year, the Three Peaks Challenge really pushed seven of us to the limit (physically and psychologically).

The party was me, top friends Rick, Mike and Ilze, brother-in-law Simon and two Liverpool legends in guide Jim and his grandson Daniel. Our expert driver Chris (Rick’s Dad) was in charge of getting us around.

In a three part series, I wanted to share some extracts of my diary from that amazing trip as we tried to conquer the top mountains in Scotland, England and Wales inside 24 hours.
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