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Sophie found Dory… but how did she find the cinema?

This blog loves a good “firsts” story.

So when we braved taking Sophie to the cinema for the very first time to watch Pixar’s Finding Dory, it was always going to end up on these pages.

Before we set off, we were racked with questions like:
“How will it be?”
“Will she cope with the loud noises?”
“How on earth will we keep a hyperactive toddler quiet and still for two hours?”
“Does she even like fish?!”

And here’s how it went…


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Settling in

Yesterday I had a warm shower…in my own home…for the first time in two weeks.

(Don’t worry – I’d showered elsewhere in the meantime!)


But it does indicate something of the carnage our house has been in since we started living here six weeks ago.

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#WorldBookDayForAdults- what character would you be?

Over recent years, World Book Day has become a primary school institution.

From the Gruffalo to the BFG and back again, children (or perhaps their parents!) have shown themselves to be experts in the art of turning themselves into book characters.

Sure, you always have the ones that come in football kit – professional clubs have football annuals and programmes after all! – but the imagination many show is incredible.

(For once, you have no trouble spotting Where Wally is… all the teachers have come dressed as him to take the easy option – don’t knock it. I’ve been there!)

But this year, as I was doing my usual copious outfit planning, I started wondering what World Book Day might look like outside the primary school bubble.

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The Revenant – A Review

It’s tipped to scoop a whole host of Oscars on Sunday night.

Leonardo Di Caprio has been described as putting in a “barnstorming performance” by the Guardian and the director puts the viewer through an “amazing sensory experience” according to Empire magazine.

But, is it any good?

Well, my wife and I decided to check it out this weekend and here’s what we thought.

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Cafe North

“I know a place…”

Four very simple words which have gone down in YouTube legend as words which revolutionised music videos.

Uttered five years ago by Simon H, the end result was something so mind blowing that it’s full scale and impact has yet to be realised.

Cafe North 2

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The fellowship is complete…

And so it begins.

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Review: Star Wars The Force Awakens

And so, as Star Wars breaks all the box office records, I felt it worth recording my thoughts on the latest addition to one of the world’s biggest ever franchises.

Credentials? Well, I’m not a incredible Star Wars geek (it’s fair to say I know more about the likes of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter!) but I have seen all the previous films at least three times and done a Star Wars marathon before so I have got some pedigree!

I do enjoy it too.

Without too many spoilers (!), here’s my review of Star Wars Episode 7.

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Daddy Joe Blogs – a review of the year

As 2016 approaches, I want to thank everybody who has visited my blog and offered their support.

I get a lot of enjoyment from recording my random thoughts and musings and it’s great to know that other people appreciate it.

At the end of this very successful year, here’s my most popular five posts of the year. Can you spot any you’ve seen before?


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Review: Sugo Pasta Kitchen

Now, I don’t usually do this.

In fact, I usually leave restaurant reviews to professionals like Frusher on Food or the Leyland Leader.

However, my wife and I had such a wonderful time at Sugo Pasta Kitchen in Altrincham on Friday, it would be rude of me not to loudly sing its praises.

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Review: Baby Comes Home

As a Dad, it’s a great privilege to get asked from time to time to review some of the latest books available for parents and parents-to-be.

This month, I’ve taken a look at Baby Comes Home by Dr Paul Roumeliotis which is a guide for new parents to the first eighteen months of their new baby’s life.

With Sophie just crossing over that threshold, it may not be as helpful to me as it would have been back in March 2014; however, I’m in a pretty knowledgeable place to check out its content!

Baby Comes Home

Baby Comes Home

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