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A rather different week with Sophie…

If you’ve met Sophie, or read about her at any point on my blog, you’ll know she’s a pretty active and friendly child.

She loves life and will charge around quite happily, interacting with everything  and being really personable.

It’s so cute watching her toddle off into nursery and babble along with all her little friends who she crowds with. The other day one of her buddies spotted me on the way into nursery and shouted; “Sophie!” at me. Her mum looked a bit confused until she realised how her daughter had any knowledge of me.

Funny what toddlers pick up!

However, this week has been a different story.

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Joy Ride

Since Christmas, there’s been quite a bit of change in our house.

The advent of toys with a 2 year old age bracket attached to them has revolutionised play and made it all the more fun, for us and (hopefully!) for Sophie.

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Baking (with a toddler!)

In our house, we are huge fans of Masterchef: The Professionals.

Not because we try to reproduce anything that they do on the show. It’s probably more that we like to know what fine dining food looks like (and we’re really really jealous of Gregg Wallace’s job!)

However, Sophie has now entered the cooking domain.

Michel Roux Jr, watch out!

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Friends forever

When our great friends informed us they were 11 weeks pregnant in July 2013, we were naturally delighted for them. All the more so because we could share our news that we were expecting too – and were just 4 and a half weeks behind!

Fast forward nine months and their little girl Emily was two weeks overdue and Sophie burst onto the scene two weeks early.

Meant they were only 4 days apart.

Practically twins!

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Sophie’s Christmas Menu

What’s been on Sophie’s menu this Christmas?

Well, quite a lot actually!

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Happy Christmas!

On this very exciting day, my 200th blog post celebrates an event from 2000 years ago.


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Christmas Dinner 2010 – 2011

2010 was a pretty big year for us.

We both graduated into our current careers (me a teacher, wife a doctor), we became official residents of a joint flat in Beeston, we made a LOT of IKEA furniture. Oh and the small matter of us having got married in July!

So when Christmas rolled around, there was only one thing for it. We were going to host!

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Christmas jumpers

Christmas is such an exciting time of the year.

So much going on, beautiful decorations and lights,  everybody excited. You get a host of Christmas parties, delicious food and the chance to give and receive with your nearest and dearest.

Then, of course, there’s the real reason for the season which as a Christian I want to celebrate and uphold above all.

But there’s one particular craze I’ve never really got and I think I’m going to be always in the minority…

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Christmas Dinner 2008 – 2009

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of entertaining some of our closest friends in the latest instalment of our Christmas Dinner institution.

As part of the evening’s festivities, I had created a game looking back on the previous eight years of celebrations.

Here is the first of my posts reflecting on some “cracking” Christmas memories!

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How to teach a 21 month old about Christmas…

This time last year I composed a blog post about teaching Sophie the true meaning of Christmas. It was a lovely year, marked by incredible generosity from friends and family and celebration of Jesus’ birth.

This year, with a 21 month old little girl charging round, chatting away and throwing in the occasional defiant moment, teaching about Christmas is a whole different challenge!

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