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Perhaps it was Justin Gatlin’s turn

I know this won’t be popular. Usain Bolt has, almost single-handedly, kept athletics relevant and spread the sport across the world to non sports fans.

His appeal, presence and popularity has been totally universal.

In his final 100m race last night, the stage was set for a fairytale golden ending.

Until, that is, the erstwhile ‘villain’ of the piece Justin Gatlin came along and sneaked the victory.

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Roger Federer made me fall in love with tennis – I hope he wins

There are many sportsmen and women who have influenced me. As a sportslover, I have got a huge amount of respect for all professional athletes and there are too many to mention who have impacted and inspired me.

Michael Johnson’s breathtaking 200m in Atlanta and dominance of the 400m kept me hooked on athletics, not to mention the javelin throwing of Jan Zelezny and Steve Backley.

Alan Shearer led the charge for Blackburn Rovers before the likes of Damien Duff, Matt Jansen and Tugay kept me interested (how far away from those days we are.)

Va’iga Tuigamala,  Jason Robinson and Frano Botica’s stunning rugby league skills bought Wigan Warriors a place in my heart.

Roger Federer though, almost exclusively for tennis, is right up there.


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The Apprentice Final: The Return of Rebecca Jeffery

Ok, so it’s not the primary tagline the BBC are running with in promoting The Apprentice Final tonight, however for our family, this series has only ever been about the trials and tribulations of our favourite marketing guru, Rebecca Jeffery.

And, after she left in a blaze of dismissive glory in Week 6 and giggled away with Rhod Gilbert, nothing has been seen of her.

Not, I must say, until the teaser for the final was released on Thursday night, as she returns to support the finalists, erstwhile colleagues Alana Spencer and Courtney Wood.

Can’t wait.

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Six weeks in, Rebecca “Jef-t” the Apprentice

It was so lovely last night to watch Becs in her element – chatty, enthusiastic, exuberant. She came across as warm, great fun and bursting with creative energy.

What a shame that was only on The Apprentice: You’re Fired.

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Sp-bec-tacular – Rebecca’s 1st four weeks on The Apprentice

Well she’s still there – good on you Becs for making it through the first third of The Apprentice 2016.

Wow it’s been tough viewing though!

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Rebecca Jeffery for The Apprentice 2016

This blog owes a great debt to Apprentice candidate Rebecca Jeffery.

Indeed, if it wasn’t for her foresight two and a half years ago in helping me get going, it may well have not happened at all!

It is with huge anticipation that I look ahead to watching her flash her business skills to a watching world on this series of The Apprentice.

And I hope you all enjoy her performance too.

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Frozen…a world of unpredictable obsession!

When my brother-in-law and sister-in-law kindly purchased a fancy dress costume for Sophie from Ana in the Frozen film, we thought that it was a really lovely Christmas present.

Coupled with the film itself, we were excited about introducing Sophie to the magic of Disney films in what was essentially a fun and harmless way.

Little did we know that it would almost instantly lead to a brand new world of childhood obsession which, if left untreated, could spiral out of control!

Don’t tell me to Let It Go!

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Televised travails

Rovers head to Leeds tonight looking to continue their excellent recent results against their Yorkshire rivals but off the back of a hugely frustrating defeat to Burnley at the weekend.

And with it being on Sky yet again,  I’m not exactly feeling confident.

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Broadchurch – worth a watch?! (No Spoilers!)

I completely missed the boat first time round with Broadchurch. With my head buried in live football, I’d had no time (or inclination) to be aware of popular drama series making waves on terrestrial TV.

It wasn’t until my Dad came back off a long haul flight raving about this show he’d seen called Broadchurch, where he’d watched six episodes back-to-back because it was so good.

And even then I’d thought Broadchurch meant less of a gripping crime thriller and more of a large group of religious people!

Seaside community

Seaside community, not a supersized building

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