Christmas in our house this year came and went in a blur of wrapping paper and sellotape for Sophie.

We had to wake her up (!) at quarter to 8 because our excitement was greater than hers. To be fair, she didn’t quite understand the ins and outs of Christmas traditions just yet.

And we were so looking forward to giving her some presents!

So down we went and, after some breakfast, we worked our way through her stocking aka her sack! She was such a lucky girl – massive thank you to so many people for their kindness to us.


We sat her down next to the fireplace and gave her different objects to unwrap. It’s fair to say she needed a lot of help, but she did enjoy staring at the colours and pictures, kicking her feet with excitement.

She loved finding the Hide and Squeak eggs – us less so when we realised just how dispersed the shells and eggs could actually become, even in our living room!

She read her books, played with a jigsaw and got completely freaked out by my choice of present for her…

Logic behind this one was to help her learn to crawl and move.

The Move and Crawl Ball!

The Move and Crawl Ball!

Reality of the present was that once it starts it never stops, all the while blasting out a crazily fast nursery rhyme and flashing psychedelic lights into the child’s face. No sooner had Sophie touched it then off it went, crushing over the eggs in the furthest corner of the room from her!

Safe to say she’s not quite used it to learn to crawl just yet.

At church, Sophie showed off her eggs and played on my musical tie – so Christmassy! – before we headed off to my wife’s family in Liverpool for more kindness and gifts! Very special times.

What a brilliant Christmas present experience Sophie had. Think next year might be slightly more high maintenance but we’ll see!