This was the first Christmas when grandchildren entered the equation…on both sides!

With Sophie being the very first grandchild for our two families, it was an event of great excitement!

We had an amazing time sharing her with both my parents and brother and Jess’ parents and brother and sister-in-law.

And she certainly lived up to her star billing!

On Christmas Eve, Sophie again participated in a nativity scene (like the previous Sunday), only this time she was only required to take up a wise man and be part of the tableau.

As per last time, she was in her Christmas tree dress but this looked positively seasonal compared to Batman who’d also turned up! Not sure that any of the Wise Men were stuffing their face with rice cakes while the baby Jesus slept peacefully, but let’s not stand on ceremony!

Sophie tree

Christmas Day afternoon was based in Liverpool. What great timing on her deciding when to fall asleep as well – just as Christmas Dinner was being served! She was OK – later on she got her own miniature version and refused to touch the sprout. So proud of her.

Bath toys Frog and Duck were unwrapped and given an outing in Sophie’s Christmas bath. They were incredibly fast on the outside of the water, only to paddle carefully when put in the bath itself.

Boxing Day morning was spent hanging out with her Great Grandad, Great Aunty and Dave where she did a lot of clapping and a lot of bouncing around.

Then, we headed off to Leyland for yet more presents, cuddles and laughs with my side of the family. A fast learner, she went straight for the present bag marked Baby’s First Christmas. She doesn’t mess around! She then proceeded to munch her way through a jigsaw (wooden!) and investigate That’s Not My Fairy with her Gran, Grandad and Uncle Dave.

Turkey dinner proved a real hit again, this time complete with a roast potato. Judging by how her eyes lit up when she tasted it, she certainly is a Daddy’s girl!

Bedtime on Boxing Day was a very satisfying end to a lovely Christmas period. Sophie enjoyed the beautiful food, got to see lots of wonderful family and received some amazing gifts.

So why is it that all she wants to play with is the mat on our lounge floor?? Strange creatures, babies.