Happy Christmas!

On this very exciting day, my 200th blog post celebrates an event from 2000 years ago.


The United Kingdom was built on Christian values and those vital human rights ideals of equality, tolerance and fairness are enshrined in our constitution.

However, as the rise of secularism continues apace and it becomes ever more impossible to find a Christmas card which features the nativity, it’s possible to become quite disillusioned about the impact of Jesus in this country.

Marginalised, deemed irrelevant and dismissed by members of the establishment, it seems that the baby in the stable has very little influence.

However, sitting in a crib service on Christmas Eve I was struck by how there is still an appetite for Christianity at Christmas in this country.

People up and down the UK will still be attending churches at this time of year. It may in many cases be paying lip service to Jesus at Christ-mas but it does show a certain level of respect and realisation. There is at the very least an acknowledgement that amidst the Santa Claus, snowy landscapes and gift-wrapped tinsel (!), there remains recognition that Jesus is involved.

Besides, when Jesus walked on earth his life could have been described in this way… marginalised, deemed irrelevant and dismissed by members of the establishment.

And that life was the most influential event in history. The Son of God who had all the riches of creation came all the way down to a life of barren poverty. To die a criminals death in the place of those who should have taken it. Finally to rise again back into glory, taking with him a new type of people.

That’s worth celebrating at any time of year,  not just at Christmas.

It’s certainly worth writing a 200th blog post about!

Have a very Merry Christmas!