Dad Car Decals – a new thing for me!

I’ve never really done the back windscreen sticker thing.

You know the type, Baby on BoardBoy Racer, that sort of thing.

I, on the other hand, have never really been cool enough to pull these off.

The only time I’ve ever been satisfied to stick something on the back of my car was when I needed L plates!

However, the world of “car decals” is something I’ve just discovered and it’s actually quite intriguing!

It’s probably a bit of an American thing but across the water, they are coming up with a cool range of stickers for customising your car.

And, in fairness, the vehicles are all that bit bigger over there so they’ve got the space to experiment!

Car Decal Geek is one such website where these are a big deal and they’re carving out a space for themselves in the market.

Car Decal

Hot off the press is the range of brand new dad decals featuring slogans like World’s Okayest Dad and Best Dad in the Galaxy. Display both of those and you’ll get the driver behind you feeling confused!

If you’re into customisation and you fancy brightening up your car, it’s well worth checking these out!

Happy shopping!


  1. I had custom decals on my car from, same as cargeek.

  2. We are a local decal company in NYC, we have extensive knowledge of different types of vinyl’s, wall papers, removable decals for walls and cars.
    Visit our website and please feel free to contact us if you have any question.


  3. The decal you had made says it all about you. I’m sure people will get interested in having something on their own vehicles after seeing yours. Thanks for sharing this.

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