As 2016 approaches, I want to thank everybody who has visited my blog and offered their support.

I get a lot of enjoyment from recording my random thoughts and musings and it’s great to know that other people appreciate it.

At the end of this very successful year, here’s my most popular five posts of the year. Can you spot any you’ve seen before?


5. An apology to Sophie

Being a parent is a tricky job and more often than not, parents make mistakes – me probably more than most! When a mistakes results in your child getting hurt then the guilt is multiplied. And it was amidst the raw emotion of one such mistake that I confessed up and apologised to Sophie. (Hopefully she’s forgiven me by now!)

4. Paternity Leave – Why I’m Taking It

A huge highlight of this year – and once which I’m very grateful to my employer for – was the opportunity to take six weeks out and be Sophie’s main carer. It was an amazing experience and one which will live with me forever. I wrote this post as I contemplated the six weeks ahead of me. It certainly lived up to expectations and way surpassed them!

3. Ambleside Celebrity Couple Wedding

Chris and Kat getting married – pretty exciting right? Well, it certainly was when the marriage connected two top people from my previous work. This post reflected on my fantastic time at Ambleside as well as on the lovely couple themselves.

2. Guest Post: A Mother’s Perspective

As my wife came to the end of her long maternity leave and prepared to go back to work, she put down her own thoughts about parenthood, childbirth and the sheer reality of looking after a baby. It gave some fascinating insight, even to someone who knows her as well as I do, about what a mother is going through. Really worth a look!

1. Patient Patience

It moved me how people really cared about Sophie’s welfare and the amount of support we got when readers found out she was in hospital was overwhelming. It was a difficult time, particularly with her being on the ward which my wife was a member of staff for but we got through it and she was as back to her old self in no time.