Sophie and I headed off alone into the wilderness on a residential this weekend.


Kind of.

If you replace “wilderness” with “Bewdley”. And “residential” with one night and one day stay. Oh, and “alone” with a whole host of Christian friends!

It was fantastic!

The camp we help out on in the summer is firmly into preparation mode at the moment (see last year’s blog about camp with a very small child!) and this Friday-Sunday was the training weekend for the leaders.

When she was just three months, the military operation required to transport her anywhere for an overnight stay was epic. Whilst twelve months on she is more portable, it was still a bit of a mission!

But, I was determined to do it and with my wife working this weekend, there was no reason for me and the little one not to go together. Being a lone ranger meant I did keep our time there to one night and one full day though!

Armed with supplies to last Sophie a week, let alone a weekend, we hit the road on Friday night. I bundled a half asleep Sophie into the car and she eventually fell asleep, although the sinking of the sun (behind the clouds, not setting!) fascinated her for quite a while.

Keeping her company in the back of the car were a travel cot, four legs from an IKEA highchair and a walker for her to use. All would prove to be vital to the smoothness of the weekend.

Very important accessory!

Very important accessory!

Two hours later, we’d made it to our destination – an activity centre deep in forests just south of Bewdley, Worcestershire. The rain was crashing down but, with the the help of my friends, we got Sophie inside and tucked away inside a hastily assembled travel cot. I closed the door on her as her singing sheep Ewan was in full voice. She sat up and stared at me but was unaffected by the transfer and swiftly drifted back off to sleep. Result!

With Sophie down, I was free to enjoy the rest of the evening (it was half 9) /get all her stuff out for the morning. My logistics minded wife obviously wasn’t around to help but I figured that having some nappies available, an outfit and a cup would be about enough.

I hoped I wasn’t wrong…!

To be continued tomorrow.